First Fathers Day

I just thought I would share with you what we got up to on Fathers day. When you become a parent there becomes so many firsts, babies first Christmas, first steps, first laugh, and first fathers day amongst many more. I previously wrote a post about Emily and her Daddy's relationship (here), I love the special bond that they have, knowing that Emily will always have a man to rely on in her life means the world to me. As much as I love Emily, I will always want Sam to be as equally special to Emily as I am. I want there relationship to blossom, and grow stronger as she gets older. I also want him to know just how much I value his opinion. I want him to has just as much say in raising Emily as I do, just because I was the one that carried her for 9 months doesn't make him any less of a parent. I hate it that fathers get overshadowed and pushed out. 

I wanted Sam's first fathers day to be special, something that he will always remember. We brought Sam lots of fathers day gifts, made him breakfast in bed and made the day as special as we could. We wanted him to know just how special he is to us. Emily made her daddy a fathers day card, as well as making her Grandad one. I used Emily's hand and footprints to make the cars. We made footprint cars for Emily's Grandad, and then a superhero for her Daddy. 

We went out for a lovely lunch out at Frankie and Benny's, and I couldn't get over how grown up Emily acted. She had a cheese pasta from the kids menu, and she ate the whole thing! I was so proud of her, even the waitress commented on how good she was for her age. She was quiet, no shouting or winging. She ate her whole meal, and didn't throw any of it on the floor. I think that is absolutely brilliant for a 9 month old. Both me and Sam had BBQ chicken pizza and chips, the meal was absolutely delicious. Overall I think, well I hope that Sam had a lovely day. It was really nice to see Sam getting to spend quality time with Emily. 


  1. Aw bless her! That is amazingly good for a 9 month old, mine still drop food now at 9 years and almost 11 years old ;) I also love Frankie and Beny's, they do the best pasta. The first Fathers and Mothers days are always really special :) Thanks for linking up with Mummy and Monkeys and me @ #PicknMix

    Stevie xx

  2. Aww what a special first day, we tried to make it special too as it was James' first Fathers Day with Ava and me. I love the footprint card. Thanks so much for linking up to #PickNMix


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