Emily's First Shoes!

Emily got her first shoes, her first little Clarks. On the June 27th we ventured out to get Emily her first pair of shoes, well they are pre-walkers. Emily loves to walk, she has been confidently walking around furniture for a good couple of months now, she will walk with her walker, and holding onto one hand. She is pretty confident and stable on her feet, but not quite ready to venture off by herself, although I don't think it will be very long before she does. I know that she doesn't need shoes, and it is sometimes advised to let them go as long as possible without them, but her pram shoes have quite tough soles. This means that she walks on her tip toes, and she is constantly trying to pull them off. We go out for walks regularly at our local park, and Emily enjoys holding onto our hands and walking, which isn't possible in her pram shoes. It also isn't practical without anything on her feet because what if she stands on a stone? or its a really hot day, the tarmac will be pipping hot, and I don't want her to burn her little feet. So we decided to get her a little pair of cruising shoes from Clarks, they will protect Emily's feet but they won't affect her foots development. The pre-walkers are made from the softest premium leather, and feature a secure riptape fastening. They're lightweight shoes which have a flexible rubber sole that allows Emily to explore. 
I was a little nervous about getting her first shoes, but I really had no reason to be. The service we received was amazing. Once we explained what we wanted, they went to get the little measuring stuff. Emily is quite a shy baby to start with, but the staff in Clarks had so much patients with her when measuring her feet. They then took the time to show us all the different shoes they had in her size, until we found the perfect little ones. Emily's feet measured at 2 1/2 F. Tiny little tootsies! We found the most perfect little leather shoes, We expected to pay £25-£30 for her first little pair, but we were shocked to find out the ones we picked were on sale for £10. We tried them on Emily, and she had a little walk and loved them. We were set and ready to pay when they asked if we would like a little picture. Of course I agreed, although I had already took my own, It would be nice for Emily to have one to put in her scrap book and look back on. I thought that was such a lovely touch to the service at clarks. They took about 3 photographs of Emily, we then picked the best one and they popped it in a little folder for her. In the little folder it has her name, the date of the photograph and her shoe size. I love that they made the whole experience so special, and I will always remember her first little pair of shoes. So Emily now has her first little pair of shoes, which she doesn't like taking off, when you take them off she holds onto them and carries them with her. 

I can't believe how big my little girl is getting, it honestly feels like yesterday that I had her, Shes now taken her very first steps, and is well on her way to walking. cleaver little monkey!

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