Emily's 10 Month Update

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I haven't got Emily weighed recently, She's getting weighed next Thursday (If I remember I will come back and update). I had no worries about Emily's weight though, she eats really well. 

Emily is still in size 5 nappies. 

She is in 9-12 clothing, although the tops are a little long. 

Emily's eyes are still bright blue with a brown streak in the right eye. Her hair is starting to go a little more auburn. 
Emily loves to stick her tongue out, she also loves to blows raspberries.

Emily can now say phrases apposed to just words, she says 'hiya dadda' 'oh dear' and 'dadda's car'. When you ask Emily for a cuddle, she say's Aww. She also refers to cuddles as 'loves'.

Emily is such a chatterbox, Her new words are, No, Nan, Car, More, Ta and Bye. 

Emily now has a total of 4 teeth. She has her two bottom ones, and her two top teeth. The top two have really caused her lots of problems and discomfort. 

Emily is confidently crawling, she mastered it last month and now she can crawl so fast.

She took her first steps, 4 to be precise, and there is no stopping her now, she keeps trying to walk, and is so determined. 

Emily can stand unaided for a long period of time, she is really confident and comfortable on her feet.

Emily can stack her rings perfectly, although she doesn't always get them in the right order.

Emily can stack the stacking cups, one ontop of the other.

Emily got a new car seat, she is now forward facing, and has the Maxi Cosi Rubi. She loves looking out the window. 

Emily puts the phone to her eat and jib jabbers away. 

Emily got her first shoes, they are pre-walkers. 

When reading Emily a story she waits until you have finished speaking and then turns the page. 

Emily only has one nap during the day, but that is becoming a struggle, she doesn't want to go down for a nap and is quite happy to carry on playing.

Emily loves putting her toys away, she takes them all out of her basket and then puts them back again. I'm loving this phase because the lounge is a lot more tidier. 

Emily can pick up little pieces of spaghetti using her thumb and finger, her hand eye coordination is really impressive. 

Emily goes and gets her nappies out of the box, and brings them to us when she done a poo. As if to say 'Daddy I need you to change my bum'. 

I'm literally so proud of Emily, she is so clever. She has come so far in a short period of time. She never ceases to amaze me.  

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  1. I'm sitting here looking at my 3 month old daughter thinking how can so much change in on ly 7 months?! Babies are pretty incredible little things :)

    Helen x



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