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We have always tried to make bathtime as fun as it can be for Emily, I'm a big believer in children learning to swim, and I want Emily to be confident in water, and learn a potentially life-saving skill. This means lots of bubbles, splashing, playing and toys of course. My brother used to hate going in the bath when he was younger, he was absolutely terrified and I don't want that for Emily. Luckily unless she's really tired, she absolutely loves her baths, and enjoys splashing around. 

We were very pleased to be sent a selection of new bathroom products from Paddy's bathroom. Paddy's bathroom products were created by Paul Lindley, a much loved father to Ella and Paddy. He isn't just the founder to Paddy's bathroom products, but also the founder of the well know brand Ella's kitchen. If you have children you will know all about how amazing Ella's kitchen products are, and how devoted Paul is to ensuring his products will improve children's health and well-being through the ongoing use of truly natural and certified organic products that are just for kids. With that in mind, Paddy's bathroom follows in the same footsteps. The products inclide no nasties (No SLS, parabens, sulphites, phthalates, and GMO ingredients), they are also dermatologist and paediatrician approved, as well as being natural and organic cosmetic certified. 

We were sent a selection of their products, which include body washes, bubble bath, hand wash and shampoo. I tend not to use different products with Emily, we stick to the same one. She has eczema and very sensitive skin so we have to be very careful not to irritate it. I'm pleased to say we have been using the Paddy's bathroom products for over two weeks now and we haven't had any flair ups, or irritated skin, which is brilliant! 

Recently paddy's bathroom opened there doors to the world's first bubble barber for two days in london. They had a menu of bubbly hair-do's to choose from, and the children got to pick which hair-do they would like to sport in bubble form. Bath time is Sam's department, he always makes sure he is home for work in time for dinner, and then he has bath time with Emily, which is lovely because they have that time to bond together. So the bubble hairstyles were passed over to daddy to create. There was definitely lots of giggles coming from the bathroom while this was going on, and here is the outcome. Doesn't Emily just look adorable with her bubbly hair. 

To create the bubble hair-do we used the bubbly stuff bubble bath, I was really impressed with this bubble bath, it smells amazing, literally my whole bathroom smelt like tangerines. You only have to use a tiny amount of the liquid and it bubbles up really well. It is £5.99 for a 400ml pouch, but I think it is worth it, especially as you don't waste any, the advantage to having it in a pouch you can squeeze out every last drop. Where as in a bottle you always get a tiny bit left that you can't get out which drives me nuts. 

'Stuff for shiny hair' is a everyday gentle cleansing shampoo, it has squeezy lemons fragrance. It has been really kind to Emily's short hair, we haven't had any tangles after using it which is a good sign, it also is in the pouch like packaging like the bubble bath. RRP is £4.49.

I was really impressed with the 'stuff for hands' It comes in the fragrances, squeaky clean lemons. It is a foaming hand wash, which is a great idea, because children absolutely love the sensation of squishing foam over their hands. It encourages personal hygiene. We do use this with Emily, everytime we change her nappy both me and her daddy wash our hands after, we have got in the habit of taking Emily and washing hers too. In my opinion it is never to early to promote personal hygiene. RRP £4.49

Foamy stuff in the fragrance 'rosy apples'. Out of all of the Paddy's bathroom products, this is my favorite scent. It is a foaming hand and body mouse. It is brilliant for making fun hair-do's just like the bubble bath. RRP £4.49

We were also send 'squirty stuff' which is a foaming body wash. It has a similar kind of texture as shaving foam, except its a little more runny. It comes in two different fragrances, Juicy Pineapples or Squishy Mangoes. I personally love the smell of the mangoes fragrance. Emily loves using the foam, she likes to squish it in her hands. RRP £4.49

Overall we really love the Paddy's bathroom range, Emily had lots of fun splashing about in the bath, equally her daddy had fun creating hair-dos. I would love to see pictures of your little ones if you decided to join in and make some bubbly hair-dos.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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