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Everyone loves presents right? Emily is a little small for presents but she loves new things, which is kind of the same. I have a couple of friends who have little ones, and I literally dread buying them gifts because I never know what to get for them, or if they have already got it. I'm not a very good gift buyer, but I am a good present wrapper that has to count for something right? We was approached by Wicked Uncle to review there website, I had never heard of them before this, but I absolutely love the concept of the website. The website is really easy to navigate, and has a simple layout. There is gender and age groups separated, which makes it easy to browse and find the perfect gift for the child you are purchasing for. Once you pick your gift, you have the option to gift wrap the present, and also attach a message. You can designate certain presents to certain people, if you are buying for more than one child. This makes the whole process stress free. I will certainly be using the website to purchase gifts nearer to Christmas. 

Wicked uncle kindly provided us with a £40 voucher to purchase some toys for Emily, I had so much fun picking out gifts for her, I'm not sure if it is just me, or every parent loves buying things for there little ones. I honestly enjoying shopping for Emily more than I do for myself. I picked a couple of items for Emily and paid the little bit extra. First up we picked this wooden musical toy. We have been searching for a wooden xylophone for Emily for quite sometime and this one is absolutely perfect. Emily loves to create noise, and also enjoys hitting things, so this gift seemed perfect for her. You simply tap the balls through the top with the hammer provided and send them tinkling over the xylophone much to her delight. You can also pull the xylophone out so each item can be played with separately. The xylophone is beautifully made, its wooden with metal notes, and it is lovely bright colours. I think it was really good value for money priced at just £24.95. Out of the two things we purchased for Emily this is definitely her favourite, she absolutely loves making a noise, and finds it very funny.

The second item we got for Emily was a brightly coloured pink mouse shape sorter. It has felt around the neck, a big black nose, and a fluffy white tail. The shape sorter has 6 different coloured shapes, and the top slides off which allows little hands to reach in easily to retrieve the wooden shapes. The shapes are brightly coloured in pinks and purples, This wooden toy teaches shape recognition and hand to eye coordination whilst having lots of fun playing. This item is in the 1 year category, and it did take a little while for Emily to get the hang of it, but she soon did, and again she loves this shape sorter. One of the things I love the most about Emily is she is so appreciative, when she receives a new toy, she will happily play with it for hours, and go back time and time again to it. The shape sorter was priced at £16.95.

The whole process was very easy, and I like the fact you are able to pay with paypal. It makes everything so much simpler. The parcel was send out by Royal Mail tracked, and it was delivered within 48 hours of me ordering it. Which I think was brilliant. Everything was carefully packaged, and beautifully presented. Overall I really enjoyed out shopping experience, it was a very easy to use service and had something to suit every budget. I would definitely recommend taking a look at the website next time you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift. You can check out the full selection on the Wicked Uncle website.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received a £40 voucher for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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