Weaning Diaries: Snacks with Ella's Kitchen

I find it amazing how fast Emily is growing up. She is becoming more independent, she is crawling, and wants to walk. She is even becoming more fussy with her weaning, she doesn't like to be spoon fed anymore. She wants to do it all by herself, She loves sandwiches and snacks that she can feed herself. Being massive Ella's kitchen fans I jumped at the chance when they offered to send Emily some snacks. She was very excited to receive her box of goodies, the snacks included their new range of baby finger foods. Emily received there 100% organic snacks including the 'grab me' melty puffs, 'grip me' baby biscuits and 'pick me' melty hoops. All of these snacks are designed to not only be tasty and full of goodness, but to also help develop the skills of you little ones. Emily had already tried the melty puffs and loved them so I couldn't wait for her to try the others. Emily has been trying them out for over a week now, and she seems to really love them. As soon as they are put on her plate she quickly goes straight for them.

Emily's favourite are the melty hoops. She really enjoys picking up one hoop at a time. They're is two flavours, banana and vanilla and cheese and tomato. I love the little screw cap tubs, they are bright and eye catching, but they also keep the snack fresh. Emily loves picking them up one by one. I used to give Emily cheerios, but she struggles to pick them up because they are quite small, these are the perfect size, they are slightly bigger and she has no problem picking these up. A tub of melty hoops cost £1.49 and is aimed at the age 10 months +

The grip me apple and ginger biscuits are one of my favourite products that Emily was given. I like that they are individually wrapped, and they make them the perfect snack for when we are going out on a picnic. The other brilliant thing about them being individually wrapped is they don't go stale. Usually biscuits come in a pack, and once you open them, the rest go soggy or stale. Emily loves the taste of these, and they are really easy for her to hold onto. The biscuits are firm to hold, but they melt once your little ones taste them. They are perfect for your little on to 'gum'. They even passed the daddy taste test. Sam tried them and said they actually taste pretty nice. The grip me biscuits come in a pack of 12 and are priced at £1.99 and are aimed at age 10 months+. 

Last but by no means least are the melty puffs. They are a organic puffed maize snack which Emily absolutely loves. Emily tends to grab them and hold one in each hand just encase you try to take them away from her. They melt easily which makes it perfect for babies who don't have teeth too, and are the perfect size for little hands. Emily doesn't eat a whole packet at once obviously, I put a little clip on them and they stay fresh even when the pack had been open for a few weeks. The melty puggs are aged for 7 months+ and cost £0.69p for a 20g packet. 

Overall I think the Ella's kitchen snacks are brilliant value for money. They make the perfect lunchtime snack, and also a brilliant snack to pop in your bag when you are out and about. Emily loves the snacks that she was send, and happily eats them all. We will definitely be buying these again in the future, there is no worry about me giving them to Emily either because they are organic and contain no nasties.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*


  1. Love Ella's Kitchen products, it's so good to know that they aren't bad for your baby isn't it? Emily is such a sweetheart xx

  2. We love Ellas's Kitchen products. Ava loves the nibbly fingers. Thanks so much for linking up to #weaningwednesdays


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