OXO Tot Review

Recently the lovely people at OXO tot send us a few products from their baby and toddler range to review. Emily has been testing them out and using them daily for nearly 2 weeks now. I previously wrote a OXO tot review here, and loved the things so much, I got more. As I mentioned in my previous review, I love the packaging, It has perforated edges. I previously forgot to take a photograph of this, so I made sure I took one this time around. See the little tab, you simply pull that and it opens really easily. No messing about or fighting with the packaging!

Majority of the range comes in 3 colours, Raspberry, Aqua and Green. I do like all of the colours and of course we went for raspberry because we love all things pink. I love how they have a gender neutral colour rather than just the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls. Plus I have the previous stuff in pink so I wanted it all to match, I do love a bit of matchy matchy. 

OXO tot divided plate
This is by far my favourite OXO tot product, Emily loves the separate sections. I also love that I can give Emily a variety of different products on one plate, and she can pick what she wants. I wrote a post that you can view here, about the various different lunches that I have given Emily. Emily likes this plate because like her other one it has a training ring. She uses this to pick up the bits in her plate. I can also remove it as she grows. It has four different sized sections, which are divided into recommended proportions for proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. I like the using the center circle to put sauces in or Emily's yogurts. Like the training plate it has a weighted non-slip bottom, Emily doesn't throw this plate onto the floor like she does with most plates. 

Small and large bowl set
These bowls are perfect at mealtimes, for small snacks, or storing leftovers. The small and large bowls have straight side walls with help little hands guide cereal, yoghurt or other foods onto there utensils. Like all of the other products the bowls come with a stable, weighted, non-slip base. This prevents tops and spills at the table. The bowls have snap-on lids which keep snacks contained and leftovers fresh. The small bowl is 200ml, and the bigger bowl is 360ml. They nest together for easy storage, or with the lids on they stack ontop of one and another. I have been using the bowls to store fruit in, and also for porridge for breakfast. They are also brilliant if your on the move because of the snap on lids. 

Flip-Top snack cup
The Flip-top snack up is 150mls, it fits a toddler's tiny hands perfectly, and has a non-slip grip. The small size also makes the cup perfect for fitting inside my changing bag, The flip top lid opening provides easy access to the snack stored inside. The lid is very firm, and even with some vagarious pulling, Emily couldn't pull it off. I reviewed the flippy top cup and loved it but it left me disapointed that if i put fruit into it, when pulling it out it went a little mushy. This is the perfect alternative, I put grapes in this for Emily, and she pulled them out with ease and without them turning into mush.

Overall I have to say I am just as pleased with these products as I was with the others. Emily gets on really well with these products. She recognizes the colour and gets excited for mealtimes. I couldn't praise these products enough.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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