Moonsand Sensory Play

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I absolutely love doing crafts with Emily. I think crafts and sensory play are a brilliant way of promoting learning through play and also communication. I will keep doing as many different sensory activities and crafts as I can, well until she gets old enough to tell me not to. I though I would share our fun sensory play from this week with you. 

I decided to make moonsand, Its squidgy, cold and feels like wet sand. It's really easy to create, I used 8 cups of Flour, and 1 cup of baby oil. Mix it together and you have the perfect mixture. I added a few bath toys for Emily, and also made some 'sand' castles. 

As you can see, Emily absolutely loved playing with the moonsand. Even though she tried to eat it, I can imagine it doesn't taste that nice. She really enjoyed picking up a handful of the moonsand and dropping it. Whenever me or Sam built a little sand castle she would knock them down and giggle. It did take her a little while to get used to the texture, she pulled away from it a little but once she saw me and Sam play with it, she soon joined in. It is definitely a activity I would recommend, and Emily really enjoyed herself. 

As you can see from the little disappointed face, after I took the activity away. It really didn't taste nice! I would love to hear about it if you have done this activity or something similar?

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  1. This looks great fun, look at her cute little face!! The #ToddlerApprovedTuesday linky community would love this! x


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