Milton Sterilizing Wipes Review

In my opinion Milton are a well known and trusted brand. When I fell pregnant it was one of the brands that I was already knew about, a lot of people think that Milton is just a sterilizing brand for babies, but that really isn't true. They have such a wide range of products, from anti-bacterial hand gel, to portable sterilizers. I was recently asked to review the Milton sterilizing wipes, and of course I said yes, purely because they are one product I use on a regular basis. 

The wipes are a good size pack, you get 30 in a packet. The wipes are fragrance-free, and alcohol-based. The one thing I really like about these wipes is the surfaces drys within seconds without leaving a trace, there is no greasy streaks on your surface, or stickiness. They kill 99.9% of germs including bacteria and fungi, they are also 100% biodegradable tissue of natural origin which makes me feel a little better about using them. They are suitable for use on a variety of surfaces such as highchairs, toys, changing mat, potty's, and kitchen work tops. The wipes are ideal for travel and quick clean ups, I keep these in my changing bag when we are on the move. I love the fact that the wipes are in a resealable packet. 

The wipes are available to buy at a most supermarkets, boots, and superdrug. They have a RRP of £2.29.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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