Emily's 9 Month Update

Yesterday Emily turned 9 months old. Thats right, 9 months in, 9 months out! I can't believe that it has gone this fast.

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Emily now weighs 18lb 12oz, the health visitor said this is bang on. I'm not at all concerned and I never have been with her weight because she is a little piggy when it comes to food. 

Emily has moved into size 5 nappies, because she is quite tall, the size 4 nappies just were not big enough for her. She is in 6-9 clothing, but her leggings are 9-12 as she is so tall! 

Emily's eyes are still bright blue, a lot of people said that they would fade, but that isn't the case at all. They are as bright as ever. 

Emily's vocabulary is constantly growing, on top of the little list of words from her last update and here, she can now say Duck, Dunk, and Hiya. She will say Aww when she hugs you and also calls hugs 'Love'.

Emily still only has her bottom two teeth although she is really chewing on everything. I am sure her top ones are coming through.

Emily is still loving her food, we are yet to find something she dislikes. You can find out all about her progress here.

In the night garden is still Emily's favourite show, She giggles and claps along with Makka Pakka.

Emily can crawl!! Well it is more a bum shuffle than a crawl but she is so fast. This also means that she is everywhere now, there is no stopping her. It also means that we have quite a few bumps.  

Emily can now wave on demand. Every time you say hi or bye she waves and smiles. 

Emily can clap on command, when you say 'yay' or 'clap' she claps.

Emily is now cruising, she uses the sofa to walk along, she also lets go and stands on her own, then realises she's standing unaided and gets scared and sits down. 

Emily blows kisses on command, when you ask her for kisses she will blow one.

Emily pulls herself from sitting onto her knees. 

Emily stands up one handed, she lets go of the sofa while she is standing. She then starts trying to walk which scares me silly. 

When Emily wakes up in the morning, she cuddles right into you and waves. It is the cutest thing ever.  

Emily can now play high 5.

Emily is still sleeping through the night, although she has dropped her second nap.

Emily will walk confidently while she is holding onto your hands.

Emily doesn't like her jumperoo anymore, she has lost interest in it and now that she can crawl she doesn't want to be in it anymore. I think that she feels trapped.

We purchased Emily a push along walker. She confidently pulls herself up and pushes the walker along. She can walk pretty far with the walker although she hasn't worked out how to turn it yet and she often crashed into the sofa and various other things. 

Emily covers her face with her hands and then pulls her hands away in fits of giggles. She loves playing peep-boo.

She constantly calls our for mumma and dadda. 

She confidently stands up in her cot, when you put her down to sleep, you then hear her chatting, go in to check on her and she is standing up giggling.

Emily is becoming such a little character, I feel like the time is flying by faster than I can jot it down. 

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  1. Wow lots of new things. It definitely is flying by quite quickly. :-) x


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