What's In My Changing Bag?

I always wonder why my bag is so heavy, and now I realise why. I have so much stuff in my bag, and there is a high chance I don't need it all in there, but if I take it out guaranteed I will be looking for it and want it! Typical isn't it?

I have the pink lining 'yummy mummy' changing bag. This poor bag is falling apart my straps are starting to fray, I think this is due to the fact it's overloaded. It has been absolutely brilliant and I love it. Inside there is a big pocket at the back which I use to hold nappies. There is also two thermo-insulated integrated bottle holders, and a perfect little slip pocket. There is also two bottle holders either end of the bag. My favourite thing about this changing back is there is a little pocket on the front, I use this to keep my keys, headphones and phone in. The bag has been used everyday since I had Emily, It's been dragged through the dirt, scrapped on my wheels of my pushchair (by accident of course), and it's still in pretty good condition. As you can see I also have the Emily Lamaze toy attached to my changing bag, I attach it because It is usually clipped to Emily's pushchair or car seat when we are out and about. 

There is so much in this bag, I haven't took anything out of it, so we could be here for a while. I always have a bottle in the outside side pocket, and juice in the opposite end. I have the mummy basics, headphones, keys, purse, tampons, and the pill. I also have my prescription sunglasses. I have the OXO tot on the go spoon, and flippy cup full of snacks for Emily (you can see the review here). I also have a little box full of biscotti's, suncream, a thermometer, Emily's red book and a changing mat. I use Mamia nappies and wipes, they are the most important thing, so I always include these. A changing mat and I have the Milton portable sterilizer. I also have two floral Cath Kidston clear zip bags which are full of things too. I did warn you there is a lot in my bag!

This is the smaller floral zip bags, It has nappy bags, mini Milton sterilizer tablets, paracetamol, snuffle babe (Emily currently has a cold), anti-bacterial hand gel, vaseline, calpol and a syringe, tissues, dentinox, and also a dummy clip.

I keep food items in the bigger zip bag. I like to make sure I have a good selection of things for Emily. She will eat pretty much everything but I don't like to give her the same thing often. I have my trusty Ella's kitchen pouches, Bangers and mash, the yellow one and the pink one. I also have a Hipp organic fruit pot and a Heinz fruity custard. I have wotsits, raspberry and vanilla puffets, and some chocolate buttons. I also have two bag sealing things, I'm not sure what you call them, they are from Ikea, and they keep your bag sealed. I use them to keep the puffets and wotsits fresh after they are open, because Emily never eats a full packet. I also now have the little darlings spray's in my changing bag, they are not in my bag because I have only just added them (you can find the review here).


  1. Wow. You are definitely prepared for everything. I must get some of the sealing bag clips as they will come in handy. :-) x

  2. oh wow and I thought I carried around alot of stuff! Amazing how much fits in those bags isn't it I love mine, thanks for linking up to #kidscorner

  3. That is a ridiculous amount of stuff! Ha! Thank goodness for pushchairs though- can you imagine having to carry it on your shoulder?? Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x


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