What Emily Wore #15

Hello again! I'm back but with only one outfit this weekend as we are super busy little bee's. I think I really need to plan ahead with these posts, but I always end up doing them on a Friday night while we are watching suits. This week I've been busy, we went to the Aldi baby event, spent way to much, and Emily had lunch with her little friend. It's so lovely to see Emily with other babies because she is so social. I do regret not being able to take her to baby groups because of my anxiety, but I set myself a goal to get there and be able to do those kinds of things by the time she is one. I'm proud to say last Thursday I took Emily to a baby weighing clinic. I know it might not seem like much, but to me it was. I did it, all by myself, just the two of us. This time I went in and got her weighed. I didn't just turn around at the door like I have done hundreds of times before, I kept my panic attack a bay and I did it. I'm so proud, and Emily made a new little friend. Seeing them interact made it all worth it, and I did kind of kick myself thinking 'why haven't I done this sooner, but obviously I just wasn't ready then. Anyway, I'm rambling, have you noticed I always end up rambling?

Jeans: F&F Tesco | Tee: Matalan | Cardigan: F&F Tesco
I absolutely love these jeans, they look so cute on, and they were a steal at £3 in the reduced section. Such a bargain if you ask me! They were turned up and I unstiched them because they were a little too short, however they do need turning up just once. The waist is also a bit bigger so I have a feeling these jeans will last her ages!

I just had to share these photographs with you, they were too cute not to! Emily has a mountain of soft toys, and I have no idea how to store them. Any ideas would be really helpful. She was so happy playing in her bedroom today, and that makes me really happy. Emily has been sleeping in her bedroom since she was 6 months. If you take her in her bedroom she automatically thinks it's bedtime and starts crying, so I have been trying to take her in there more to play, and she seems to be getting used to it now. 


  1. Such a cutie! What a bargain on the jeans. The prices in this outfit go so well together #weekendbabystyle x

  2. Firstly, I'm so happy to read that you went to the weighing clinic and that it was a good experience. Secondly, the photos are adorable! I love how she is holding onto the cot. She is growing up so quickly. Those jeans were such a bargain especially as they have room to grow. Sophie was given that same cardigan as a gift. It's really lovely - I love the ruched sleeves. As for the cuddly toys - no idea how to store them. Ours are in IKEA boxes. I have seen some lovely toy zoos on pinterest though. Thanks for linking up to #weekendbabystyle x

  3. Emily looks adorable and growing up so quickly. Well done on working on your anxietites with getting out and about. Little steps is what its all about and well done you! #TT_Thursday


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