What Emily Wore #14

Hello again, we are back with another weekend full of more clothing. On Friday we went out with my mum, I even made a few sneeky purchases for Emily. I promised Sam I wouldn't buy Emily anymore cloths for right now, but I have found a way around it. I'm planning ahead and buying her clothes in the next size. I really wish I had thought of this before. Does anyone else get in trouble with their partners for spending to much money on clothing?

We stopped for a cheeky McDonalds. This is Emily's first ever happy meal, and something I wont be making a habit of, but look at that little face, she was not impressed one bit! My child isn't keen on McDonalds which really puzzles me because I craved it when I was pregnant.

Dress: George at Asda

I absolutely love this dress, but it is so long that Emily trips over it now that she is crawling. She wore it for about a hour before I ended up changing her into leggings and a tunic top. This lovely dress did have a big pink flower on the middle band, but I cut it off because it just looked a little too much and (I never thought I would say this) florally (not sure that is a word). P.s: Emily is currently teething so it is getting harder to get her to smile.

Top: Mothercare | Leggings: Matalan

I absolutely love this outfit, this little vest was a gift from Lorraine, it is a set that comes with shorts. I chose to pair it with leggings because although it's warm, it isn't warm enough for shorts. I had to go out and purchase some new sleeveless vests because I don't like the fact you can see the sleeves. 

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  1. As promised on twitter, I really wanted to reply fully to this! I've never really spoken in depth to somebody else who has had another miscarriage so it was really moving to read this. You've said things I always say, word for word. Those people who say, "you can always have another," and, "it'll be your time soon," they have no idea. Like that baby was just a pregnancy that can be replaced. I wanted that baby! In the same way nobody else would swap their child for another. Even in those early weeks, you make plans for that baby, you create a space in your life for it, and so you grieve when it's gone. And people just seem to dismiss grief after a miscarriage as though you're crying over spilt milk. It's so cruel!

    We had difficult labours too, my second daughter was born not breathing just under 2 years ago. I'll be posting her birth story throughout July nearer her birthday in some detail if you fancy a read.

    I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read a something about miscarriage from somebody who totally gets it. Like I said, I've said lots of those things word for word myself, but it never seems to get through to people.

    So glad you now have your little rainbow baby and good luck if you do decide to have more in the future xx

  2. I get in trouble all the time for spending money, but I enjoy it so much especially if it's for Mabel.

  3. Absolutely lovely outfits, the dress is adorable.. I'd have got rid of the big flower too as without it it looks lovely! I always got in trouble with DH for buying too many clothes for the kids, 5 years later he's given up nagging me... he knows he won't win! Buying in the next size up is something I always tend to do. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  4. How adorable is she, doesn't look too impressed with the happy meal. I was the same when I was pregnant with Joey and craved a McDonald's all the time. That dress from Asda is absolutely gorgeous on her. #weekendbabystyle

  5. She is so cute! My favourite outfit of these is the last one with the floral top and leggings, perfect for a warm spring/summer day! #weekendbabystyle


  6. Haha I love her unimpressed face! How funny! As always I am loving all of Emily's outfits. She can really rock a floral print. That dress is so so pretty. Love the shape of the sleeves and the Pink band. The tunic outfit is fab. I want to wear it! The top goes so well with that colour of leggings. Haha yes, I get in trouble but then the husband gives up. He knows if I want to spend a bunch of my pay on Instagram shops I just will! :) Apologies for the late comment this week - the internet has been very hit or miss where I've been visiting this bank holiday weekend! Hope you had a great weekend and thanks so much for linking up xx #weekendbabystyle

  7. Haha her face-bless. Love both of these outfits. I don't think Adam realises how much clothes I actually but for Olivia at the moment so we are safe, when he does find out I'm sure that we are in trouble lol #weekendbabystyle


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