Weaning Struggles

You think you've got it sussed, weaning is going so successfully until its not anymore. There is a bump in the road, and that bump seems to disrupt everything. I spent months narrowing down what Emily does and doesn't like. Which if I am honest, there isn't many things she doesn't like. Although Emily has learnt how to throw things now, so if you give her food it tends to end up across the room if she isn't in the mood for eating, out of the blue *wham* fussy eating begins. For example I gave Emily spagetti shapes with sausages for tea. The same as she has had before and she loved, and she has had it a good couple of times. Something was different yesterday, Emily was acting like I was trying to feed her dirt or something. In fact it was just the same as she has had time and time again. I didn't change it, or ulter it. It was the exactly the same - I just don't get it!

After winging, spitting it out and blowing raspberries with it, I gave in. Most of the contents of the it ended up all over the highchair, Emily was covered and the floor even decided to try some! I really hope this fussy eating is just a 'phase', a time where she is just exerting her new-found decision making skills, and the right to refuse and throw a little tantrum. I'm not giving in, after all this time of eating it she can't just suddenly not like them anymore, right? I really hope it's just a stage.

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