Weaning Diary

I thought I would give you a little update on Emily's weaning journey. I haven't done one of these posts in so long, that is a little bit naughty of me, but I get side tracked with other things. So I apologize. 

There is a massive update since my weaning post in February. I am so proud of how far Emily has come, she is a complete superstar when it comes to food. We are definitely doing more BLW style meals. Emily still has a variety of purees but she has moved to the lumpy puree rather than smooth. The only problem with puree's is she really isn't interested in being spoon fed. Little miss independent wants to do everything herself. Sometimes I do forget that she is only 7 months because she really doesn't act it. On our last update Emily was only just trying finger foods. Now she pretty much has them with every meal. 

The foods Emily has tried and loved
Sandwiches: Billy bear, jam, cream cheese, ham
cheddar cheese cubes, wotsits, Ella's Kitchen puffets. cucumber, tomato, carrot, banana, cooked apple, grapes, strawberries, toast, breakfast muffins, crumpets, Barny bear cakes, fish cakes, roast chicken, yorkshire puddings, sausage, mash potato, oven chips, waffles, scrambled eggs, beans, spaghetti, ravioli, macoroni cheese, pasta bake, lasagna, fish fingers, chicken dippers, spaghetti bolognase, mince with mash potato, peas, cabbage, couliflour cheese, weetabix, porridge.

I have probably missed quite a few things, but these are the ones I can remember. Emily is still on 3 6oz bottles during the day, and wakes up at 2am for a bottle and goes back to sleep, which I think is pretty good. I'm trying to cut out the 2am bottle, because some nights she doesn't wake up at all. I am going to start a what we eat series. I'll take a picture of Emily's meals everyday for a week and then post it, maybe on a Sunday?

Emily's routine is pretty much set now with meal times, so here is a little run down of how our day pans out.
8am: 6oz of milk
9.30am: Porridge with fruit.
Toast or Muffin or Crumpet
11.30am: bottle, she usually only has 2oz and nap
1.00pm: Lunch
4.30-5.00pm: Dinner followed by a pudding.
7.30pm: 6oz bottle and bed.

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  1. Ahhhhh she's doing so well! I have to admit I get very jealous of parents with babies who eat well. Lamb doesn't eat anything!! xx #mummymonday


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