Weaning Diaries: Lunchtime fun and OXO tot giveaway

I love making lunches for Emily, out of the 3 meals she has in a day, lunch is my favourite. I can give her a mixture of things, and she is always the calmest at lunch for some reason. Breakfast has become a little boring because she always has the same thing, porridge with fruit and toast. Dinner is whatever we have, but lunch is whatever I want to make. I can go crazy and give Emily shaped sandwiches or search Pintrest to find fun snacks to make! I have been reviewing some lovely items from OXO tot, my favourite being the divided plate which we use for lunch. I thought that I would share a week of our lunchtimes. Emily is easily distracted, she usually picks up something, eats that and then that is it, she is no longer intrested. I wanted to make her lunches more exciting to see if it would keep her attention, and to my surprise it really worked!

Dairylea crown shaped sandwiches, star cheese cubes, Pombears, grapes and strawberries.

Pitta pizza, a tomato base, with cheese bacon and sweetcorn. Quavers, Banana and an apple rice cake

Dairylea heart shaped sandwiches, star cheese shapes, banana and grapes, red pepper hearts

Cheese and tomato puff pastry pinwheel, grapes, apple, Ella's kitchen strawberry and banana puffs

Cheese and ham toastie, Wotsits, grapes and banana

Toast, scrambled egg, apple, and yogurt

As you can see, these plates are absolutely brilliant at keeping food in separate places. This is something that Emily has actually really liked, she can pick and choose and it doesn't end up in a mess. The training ring around the plate is another one of my favourite things about this plate, it helps Emily to pick up the food with ease. It also stops the food from falling out. The plate comes in 3 colours, Aqua, Raspberry and Green, which are all really bright vibrant colours. 

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

OXO tot are kindly giving you guys a chance to win one of these divided plates.

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1. one prize to one winner
2. prize supplied directly from PR
3. UK entries only
4. competition ends 1/6/15

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  1. The Red one nice & bright xxx

  2. i would choose aqua this is such a good idea my child will no eat food that has touched each other :( this would solve that problem (fingers crossed he grows out of it )

  3. I would like the green one please.

  4. What colour would you pick? . . . . . . oohh the red one l think

  5. I'd love the raspberry!
    Loving these lunch ideas too. The crown sandwiches and cheese stars are adorable! Will have to store these gems for when Florence is old enough :) x


  6. Pink please for my 7 month old daughter x

  7. I wouldn't mind which one :) would be so interesting so see if Bubba wouldn't throw this one on the floor :)

  8. I like all 3 but I think my granddaughter would like the raspberry colour best

  9. The Raspberry for my friends little girl to be x

  10. Ooh I would love to win. I think I would pick Aqua x

  11. I love those plates and all your lunch ideas. The little star cheese shapes are really cute. Thanks so much for linking up to #weaningwednesdays and I hope to see you again this week. x


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