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Recently the lovely people at OXO tot send us a few products from their baby and toddler range to review. Emily has been using them daily, and I have been loving them too. They are such good designs. OXO tot was one of those new brands for me that I only discovered when I became a parent and I was instantly hooked on the amazing range of baby feeding products. One of the first things that amazed me with this product and it is probably going to sound silly is the packaging. Most children's products are a pain to get into. This packaging had perforated edges, so you can just tear them open. So simple but so effective! Majority of the range comes in 3 colours, Raspberry, Aqua and Green. I do like all of the colours and of course we went for raspberry because we love all things pink. I love how they have a gender neutral colour rather than just the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls.

This product appealed to me straight away, It is so much more hygienic to have a travel case for your baby's spoon. I used to end up emptying my bag to find the spoon because It was in a random pocket or it had fallen to the bottom of my bag and got dirty. Now because it is in a little travel case, it stays clean and is easier to find. There is no cheaping out on quality with OXO tot, the quality of the spoons are so much better than the commonly used plastic baby spoons. I love the fact that the silicone spoon is soft on both your babies mouth and gums. Emily is currently teething and really dislikes our normal spoons.  However she will happily use this one. Even though the silicone edge on the spoon is soft, it is still effective for scraping food from bowls, jars and messy faces. The spoon is shallow which prevents feeding your child too much at once, and it is shaped making it easy for scooping. 

The OXO tot snack cup is brilliantly designed, the hook handle is perfect for clipping it to my bag, or the shopping trolley while we are out, and even easy for Emily's little hands to hold. It is perfect while we are out and about. The other really brilliant thing about the design is the lid is screw on, it doesn't matter how much Emily pulls it or tugs it, it doesn't budge. It took Emily a little while to get used to the flaps, but she soon got the hang of it. I would recommend using the snack cup for harder type snacks such as crisps or apple, we used it for grapes and they went a little mushy when Emily tried to pull them out. The bowl itself is a good size, it has 235ml capacity and the fact that it is see through comes in really useful because you can see when the snacks are getting low. I also love the snap on lid, it is firm and I have no worries about it coming off in my bag which I am really thankful for because I hate snacks gathering in the bottom of my bag. 

The training plate is the perfect size for meals, Emily absolutely loves this plate. The lip stops food from spilling over the edge, and the lip also helps Emily pick up her food with ease. If she is struggling she uses the lip to pull it up. The lip also comes in useful when we are scooping food. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. One of my favourite things about this plate is it is very sturdy, there is no bending like cheaper plates. It has a anti slip weighed bottom which comes in handy because it stops Emily throwing it on the floor. Emily loves the bright Raspberry colour, when she sees the plate she gets excited and starts kicking her feet and smiling. The other smart feature of the training plate is it grows with your child, you can remove the lip/ring and then it becomes a normal shallow plate.

Overall we absolutely love the OXO tot range, so much so that we have purchased a few more items. It looks good, Emily seems to be getting on really well with the training plate. Usually she throws her plates on the floor but this plate doesn't budge. We recently went to a family wedding and took the flippy snack cup with us. Emily was using it during the ceremony, and it kept her from screaming and shouting. It also kept the mess to a minimum. I couldn't praise the products enough!

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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  1. Wow I need this in my life - cannot believe I've never heard of them!

  2. We are100% oxo tot converts love love love their products!


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