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I'm a little bit of a clean freak. I usually keep anti-bacterial wipes in my bag, but personally I don't think I am being too over the top. When we go out for a meal and use a different high chair, they're usually pretty dirty. Its not obsessively dirty or anything, but it is frustrating, especially when Emily is eating her food straight off the tray most of the time. When we went to the Bedfordshire baby and toddler show, I stumbled upon a stall, it was full of Mrs Gleam products. Mrs gleam has launched a new range of products called Little darlings. I was kindly send the 'on the go pack' to review. 

The pack contains 3 100ml bottles. Mrs Gleam little darlings range are specially formulated products that will give parents peace of mine when you are out and about. All three products will kill 99.999% of germs within 30 seconds which is currently the quickest acting kill time in the market place. Here is a little bit about each product

The car seat and buggy cleaner cleans stains from both car seat and buggy fabric, it also cleans other soft surfaces such as soft toys. It is perfect for use after hygiene accidents, safe around children and safe on skin. It is also eco friendly.
The potty spray leaves the potty clean and fresh at home or on the move. Just like the car seat and buggy cleaner it is safe around children and safe on skin. It is also eco friendly. The potty spray also has a fresh apple scent.
The highchair cleaner leaves no residue, and is safe to eat off. It is perfect for use whilst at home or on the move. 

I absolutely love the product, the picture above was taken while we were on holiday in Skegness. I hate dirty highchairs, Emily loves to eat her food off the tray if we haven't got her OXO tot plate with us. I used to carry a pack of anti bacterial wipes in my bag but they took up so much room. This is the perfect compromise. The bottle of highchair spray fits into my bag with plenty of space to spare. I can spray it on and wipe it over, within 30 seconds it is safe for Emily to eat off. This is a absolutely brilliant time because Emily doesn't like waiting, especially when it comes to food. The potty spray is also really practical for on the go. I love the apple scent, the product is really useful to spray over the changing mat at home, and also when we are out and about. I often find that when we are out there is a mat attached to the side, which rarely gets clean. I always wipe it down before changing Emily. I also love the rainbow print logo and packaging, It is bright and eye catching. The on the go pack comes in a convenient pouch. You can buy the on the go range here.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*
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  1. Ooooh these look great! I haven't heard of them before, will have to see if I can find them.


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