Letter to Emily

Dear Emily,
It's been such a long time since I wrote you a letter, although I always write the blog posts with the thought of you looking back on them when you are older. I cannot believe how fast you are growing, and how much you are changing. I feel like I can't keep up. This past week has been such a busy one, You have learned to wave and clap. You wave at everyone when we are out shopping, and get upset if people don't wave back. Some people don't know if they should stop and talk, but I wish they would just wave back at you. It's so lovely to see you smile and giggle when you get a reaction back. You can really see it in your face that you are proud of yourself for learning to wave. It makes me really happy to see you so happy.

You have also learned to crawl, I can't believe that you are on the move, I can't take my eyes off you for a second. I turn around and you've moved, and are usually pulling at something you shouldn't be. You also roll over countless times if you can't get where you want to be. When your on the sofa, you pull yourself up to standing, or if your sitting on the floor you use the sofa to pull yourself up. I'm sure it won't be long before you are walking, you are such a determined little girl! 

You also have your first tooth, you didn't even cry, winge, scream, or anything. I didn't even know that you had cut your first tooth until you bit my finger and I felt it. I can't believe how much of a good girl you have been, I really hope that teething never bothers you because I really don't like seeing you upset. 

I just want you to know that you have really changed my life, you have gave me hope that I will get to a better more stable place emotionally. You've shown me that there is happiness in the smallest places. You make me proud to be your mumma everyday. Hearing you say mumma when you wake up and the fact you cuddle right in when I pick you up in the morning. That is the best time of the day for me, It reminds me you need me, and that life has changed for the better. I really just want you to know that you mean everything to me. I know I do sometimes post the dark days, and the times I struggle, but I just want you too know there is so much good too. You and your Daddy keep me happy. I promise I will be better, I will beat my depression because I don't want you to grow up remembering that you had a depressed mummy. I don't want you to ever think you made me unhappy, or blame yourself for the way I am. 

I love you always, your mummy. x



  1. This made me cry. Really really beautiful hun, I hope in time you are able to look back in your depression as a time in your kids that has passed by, although I understand that is not easy. Beautiful xxx

  2. What a beautiful post and so lovely for her to have when she is older xx

  3. I think it's lovely that you write online letters to your daughter, I certainly hope she reads these one day! You are an amazing person and mother :) x


  4. Such a beautiful little letter. Well done you for seeking joy in the small things, I really believe it is where happiness hides even on the darkest of days. ceri x

  5. Such a lovely post. You sound like a wonderful mummy to your little girl! You can just feel the love you have for her pouring out in these words, such a lovely gift for her to have as she grows up. x

  6. Oh this is such a gorgeous post, she has learnt to do so many things in one go...clever girl! Keep your eyes peeled though, they get everywhere once they are on the move hehe!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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