Coloured Pasta Sensory Play

Today is another sensory play activity that we love, and it is so simple for you to recreate. Emily loves finding things, if you put her toys in her box, regardless of what she wants she will always dig right to the bottom to see what she can find. I put it down to curiosity. I have seen so many different ways of making coloured pasta, some people add white vinegar or alcohol rub. I just don't see the need to add that. I will give you the simple steps of how we make coloured pasta, and then you can make it however you like.

1. I put pasta in a zip lock bag, and then give it a shake to make sure that all the pasta is covered in colouring. 
2. I then lay it out on a baking tray which I cover in grease proof paper. 
3. I pop it in the oven on 100 degrees for 10 minutes until the oven is warm then turn the oven off.
4. I then leave the door closed while the pasta drys out. 

I added some sensory bottles that we made (post coming later), and coloured ball pitballs into the tub with the pasta. This seemed to distract Emily from putting the pasta in her mouth for a little while, which was a good thing. I'm sure it wouldn't do her any harm putting it in her mouth but I would rather she didn't. Emily absolutely loved playing with the pasta, she kept picking it up and dropping it slowly, letting it fall bit by bit. She also really enjoyed pushing the various objects to the bottom of the tub, then digging it up again. The other great thing about the pasta is you can keep it in a tub and reuse it. She will be able to play with the pasta a few times in the week. I plan on making her a few more different colours so she can have a tub of mixed colours.

Are you planning on recreating this activity?

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  1. This looks so good! I've never done coloured pasta with M. I think I might have to..something different for her, even though she may be too big I'm sure I can work out a fun way to use it!! Looks like Emily had fun 😊 xx

  2. Fab coloured pasta! ! She is gorgeous! My children used to love anything like that and newspaper and boxes , especially things they could bang!

  3. the paste looks great really vibrant colour lottie would love this! thanks for sharing #kidscorner x

  4. I really should do more activities like this, I find it so hard with a toddler who wants to ruin any sort of game with Baby! I'll have to sneakily do it when she is at nursery haha! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x


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