Body Blanket Review

While I was at the Bedfordshire baby and toddler show, I met a lovely lady called Sharon. We got talking and she introduced me to a product she designed herself, the body blanket.

How was the body blanket was born?
When my baby girl hit 3 months old, she decided she did not like having her arms swaddled and restricted. It also coincided with her being moved into her own room, and her big scary cot! Until this point I had only wrapped her in a blanket up to her underarms leaving her shoulders and neck exposed, which left me worrying she would get cold. I tried to use the baby sleeping bags but I found holding her to feed and comfort very difficult. Also if she had fallen asleep, trying to get the bag on without waking her with zips and poppers was a nightmare. So, I came up with the idea of the Body Blanket. A blanket with armholes, non-restrictive, no poppers, no zips! She loves it! I love it! Even Daddy loves it! I can put her in her Body Blanket, rock and feed and put her in her cot all snugly and warm. She now associates it with bedtime; blanket, bottle, bed.

What we think..
Emily absolutely loves the body blanket, and she loves the fact that her arms are free. I have been using it for her at night time, and even if she rolls the blanket stays put which is ideal as she is a fidget. Before having this products, I used to end up checking up on her several times during the night, just to make sure that she wasn't cold and hadn't kicked off the blankets. One of the things I love about this blanket is it will grow with Emily, the arm holes are designed to allow it to grow with your little one. 

I have also used it in the car too, I put the blanket on backwards, put Emily in her car seat and she was warm and happy. I'm not sure that you are supposed to put it on backwards, but that just seemed to work best for us because of the position of her straps. I love that you can tuck the excess blanket under your little one, or leave it to hang free. Which is what I normally do because Emily does like to kick. 

This product definitely gets a big thumbs up from both me and Emily. I think we are going to have to purchase a second to have as a spare. You can purchase them directly from Sharon, her details can be found here. They are £15 plus postage and packaging. They come in pink, white and blue. Personally I think they will be a great present for a newborn, and they will be a gift that just keeps giving. They can use the blanket even at 4-5 years old, when they want to snuggle up with a movie. 


  1. It looks sooooo snuggly. Do they do adult sizes. :-) I may be checking this out soon. x

  2. Looks great and ideal if a baby likes a blankey but likes to have their hands free too!

    Beth |


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