What Emily Wore #15

Hello again! I'm back but with only one outfit this weekend as we are super busy little bee's. I think I really need to plan ahead with these posts, but I always end up doing them on a Friday night while we are watching suits. This week I've been busy, we went to the Aldi baby event, spent way to much, and Emily had lunch with her little friend. It's so lovely to see Emily with other babies because she is so social. I do regret not being able to take her to baby groups because of my anxiety, but I set myself a goal to get there and be able to do those kinds of things by the time she is one. I'm proud to say last Thursday I took Emily to a baby weighing clinic. I know it might not seem like much, but to me it was. I did it, all by myself, just the two of us. This time I went in and got her weighed. I didn't just turn around at the door like I have done hundreds of times before, I kept my panic attack a bay and I did it. I'm so proud, and Emily made a new little friend. Seeing them interact made it all worth it, and I did kind of kick myself thinking 'why haven't I done this sooner, but obviously I just wasn't ready then. Anyway, I'm rambling, have you noticed I always end up rambling?

Netflix Stream Team: What Are We Watching?

I have some news that I am so excited to share with you. I am part of the Netflix stream team. If there is one thing I love it is boxsets. I love blogging but I can't do it in silence, I need background noise, I need something to watch while I'm blogging and for me my go to has become Netflix. My love for Netflix started back when I was pregnant, as many of you may know (if your regular readers.. a girl can hope right?) I was told to take it easy, and rest as much as possible due to the fact I had gone into preterm labour and they wanted to keep baby in there as much as possible. I hate sitting still, and having to sit still makes it even worse. I started to think of things I could do, I blogged, I actually redesigned my phone blog, I booked Emily's baptism even though she wasn't yet born, I handmade her invitations for the baptism, but then I found Netflix. I watched the three boxsets one after the other, and that is where it started. 

Water Play

Many parents are put off by messy play, but it is so simple to create and it doesn't have to be that messy. Children love water, they love exploring, splashing, paddle, siring and even pouring it. You can make water play interesting in a couple of simple ways, and the older your child grows the activity can grow with them. Children learn through play, this could be learning to pour, or even pretending to wash up like mummy and daddy. Its such a simple activity that will keep your child entertained for hours. 

Snapfish Review

As you may know if you are a regular reader, I love to take pictures. Especially of Emily, I'm so scared of missing something, and she is growing up faster than I ever thought she would so for me it is really important to make sure I capture all of those moments and memories. I have always stored my pictures on the computer with the promise of printing them out and never have I got around to it. When Snapfish contacted me, I jumped at the chance to work with them. I ordered two photo products, and I am really pleased with how they have turned out. One of my favourite things about the Snapfish service is the range of options, you can choose anything from prints, to a calendar to keyrings. The website is one of the easiest I have ever used, It's very simple to create your photo gift. The prices are very reasonable and the delivery times are good. I ordered two items, 14X11 photo panel, and a personalised photo travel cup.

The photo panel is something I have never come across before. I am a big fan of canvases but this caught my eye and I just had to get it. Mainly out of curiosity I think. I am so glad that I picked the photo panel, It is beautifully finished and looks amazing on our wall. Your photograph is transferred onto a wooden panel to product this beautiful gift. This is one of my favourite pictures of Emily, which was taken on my iphone, and the print is very clear and you would never tell that it is just a 'iphone' picture. I thought that the photo panel was really reasonably priced at £24.99.

I also picked the travel cup for Sam for fathers day. Luckily he doesn't read my blog else that surprise would be ruined. The cup is very good quality, it is a 160z durable stainless steel double wall cup. It ensures that it is cool to the touch but keeps the contents hot or cold. It also has a screw top lid which has a little carry handle and a drinking port. My favourite thing about this cup is you can push the little carry handle down onto the drinking port and it stops it spilling everywhere. I picked 6 pictures that I knew Sam would love, and got the title 'happy fathers day' put underneath. You can personalise the travel cup with up to 15 photographs, and whatever text you would like. I think that this travel cup is the perfect gift for any occasion. I picked a travel cup because I know Sam will use it. He is always in a rush, and never stops for a drink, this cup will be perfect because he can carry it with him wherever he goes. The travel mug was reasonably prices at £14.99

I absolutely love the gifts that I got from Snapfish, the picture quality is amazing, and the delivery was very prompt. I will definitely be purchasing more gifts, and some photo prints from Snapfish. The lovely people at Snapfish have kindly given my readers a coupon code for 50% off fathers day bestsellers, this is all photo books, mugs, cards, 6x4" acrylic prints, acrylic blocks, photo panels, jigsaw puzzles, mousemats, keyrings and large prints. Just simple enter the code 'SFUK50FD' at the check out. The coupon code is valid until June 15th, this is also the last order date for fathers day gifts.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the items for the review purposes. However all opinions are my own.*

Weaning Struggles

You think you've got it sussed, weaning is going so successfully until its not anymore. There is a bump in the road, and that bump seems to disrupt everything. I spent months narrowing down what Emily does and doesn't like. Which if I am honest, there isn't many things she doesn't like. Although Emily has learnt how to throw things now, so if you give her food it tends to end up across the room if she isn't in the mood for eating, out of the blue *wham* fussy eating begins. For example I gave Emily spagetti shapes with sausages for tea. The same as she has had before and she loved, and she has had it a good couple of times. Something was different yesterday, Emily was acting like I was trying to feed her dirt or something. In fact it was just the same as she has had time and time again. I didn't change it, or ulter it. It was the exactly the same - I just don't get it!

After winging, spitting it out and blowing raspberries with it, I gave in. Most of the contents of the it ended up all over the highchair, Emily was covered and the floor even decided to try some! I really hope this fussy eating is just a 'phase', a time where she is just exerting her new-found decision making skills, and the right to refuse and throw a little tantrum. I'm not giving in, after all this time of eating it she can't just suddenly not like them anymore, right? I really hope it's just a stage.

Weaning Diaries: Lunchtime fun and OXO tot giveaway

I love making lunches for Emily, out of the 3 meals she has in a day, lunch is my favourite. I can give her a mixture of things, and she is always the calmest at lunch for some reason. Breakfast has become a little boring because she always has the same thing, porridge with fruit and toast. Dinner is whatever we have, but lunch is whatever I want to make. I can go crazy and give Emily shaped sandwiches or search Pintrest to find fun snacks to make! I have been reviewing some lovely items from OXO tot, my favourite being the divided plate which we use for lunch. I thought that I would share a week of our lunchtimes. Emily is easily distracted, she usually picks up something, eats that and then that is it, she is no longer intrested. I wanted to make her lunches more exciting to see if it would keep her attention, and to my surprise it really worked!

Dairylea crown shaped sandwiches, star cheese cubes, Pombears, grapes and strawberries.

Pitta pizza, a tomato base, with cheese bacon and sweetcorn. Quavers, Banana and an apple rice cake

Dairylea heart shaped sandwiches, star cheese shapes, banana and grapes, red pepper hearts

Cheese and tomato puff pastry pinwheel, grapes, apple, Ella's kitchen strawberry and banana puffs

Cheese and ham toastie, Wotsits, grapes and banana

Toast, scrambled egg, apple, and yogurt

As you can see, these plates are absolutely brilliant at keeping food in separate places. This is something that Emily has actually really liked, she can pick and choose and it doesn't end up in a mess. The training ring around the plate is another one of my favourite things about this plate, it helps Emily to pick up the food with ease. It also stops the food from falling out. The plate comes in 3 colours, Aqua, Raspberry and Green, which are all really bright vibrant colours. 

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

OXO tot are kindly giving you guys a chance to win one of these divided plates.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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4. competition ends 1/6/15

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What Emily Wore #14

Hello again, we are back with another weekend full of more clothing. On Friday we went out with my mum, I even made a few sneeky purchases for Emily. I promised Sam I wouldn't buy Emily anymore cloths for right now, but I have found a way around it. I'm planning ahead and buying her clothes in the next size. I really wish I had thought of this before. Does anyone else get in trouble with their partners for spending to much money on clothing?

We stopped for a cheeky McDonalds. This is Emily's first ever happy meal, and something I wont be making a habit of, but look at that little face, she was not impressed one bit! My child isn't keen on McDonalds which really puzzles me because I craved it when I was pregnant.

Dress: George at Asda

I absolutely love this dress, but it is so long that Emily trips over it now that she is crawling. She wore it for about a hour before I ended up changing her into leggings and a tunic top. This lovely dress did have a big pink flower on the middle band, but I cut it off because it just looked a little too much and (I never thought I would say this) florally (not sure that is a word). P.s: Emily is currently teething so it is getting harder to get her to smile.

Top: Mothercare | Leggings: Matalan

I absolutely love this outfit, this little vest was a gift from Lorraine, it is a set that comes with shorts. I chose to pair it with leggings because although it's warm, it isn't warm enough for shorts. I had to go out and purchase some new sleeveless vests because I don't like the fact you can see the sleeves. 

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Our Angel Babies, & A Rainbow Baby.

This is something I haven't spoke about on my blog before, not because I didn't want to, just because I didn't know how. So please bare with me. I'm feeling a little fed up and frustrated if I'm honest. Lately I am getting a lot of questions regarding the possibility of baby number 2. Emily is only 8 months old, there is no way I am thinking about another just yet or maybe ever. I went through so much to conceive Emily. I had 3 miscarriages. 13, 7 and 11 weeks. It broke my heart, it still does. I remember the pain, the fear, I thought I would never be able to conceive a happy healthy baby. I wanted a baby with every fibre of my body. After all the pain, I was lucky enough to conceive my little rainbow baby.

Baker Days Review & Giveaways

Back in February I was kindly sent a lovely letterbox cake through the post in preparation for Mothers Day. When Baker days offered to send Sam a cake for Fathers day I jumped at the chance, I knew he would love it, and it will be his first Fathers day this year. Baker days have a massive range of cakes for various different occasions, Birthdays, graduation, new baby, christening or even just a thank you cake. The thing that I loved last time, and still love is the fact that the cake fits through the letterbox, giving you the freedom to go out and not worry about coming home to a red card from the post man, and having to pick your parcel up. Might I just add I absolutely hate missing deliveries. It also means you can purchase a letterbox cake for someone as a surprise gift, you wont have to worry if they are in or not. We are getting a cake for Emily's Grandad for Fathers day and I know he will love it too. 

Each cake is delivered in a little tin, with a card, and some candles. Personally I thought this was a lovely touch. When I previously purchased one of the letterbox cakes I did worry that the cake would get squished in the post, but this is something that you don't need to worry about. The cake is really well packaged. The tin has little holes in the lid which allows the cake to breathe, which stops the cake from sweating. Inside was the 5" cake, I chose the super dad design for Sam, we are massive fans of superhero's in our household so I knew he would love it. There is a small piece of paper attached to the bottom of the cake stand which allows you to lift the cake out without ruining it. I didn't tell Sam the cake was coming, and when I gave it to him he was absolutely thrilled. The design was beautiful and I love the personalised aspect of it. It gave it that extra touch and showed that thought went into the gift. 

There are 5 different flavours to chose from, vanilla sponge, chocolate chip sponge, fruit cake, gluten wheat free and dairy wheat free. We have tried the chocolate one, and it was delicious, this time we were sent the vanilla sponge, which Sam was thrilled about because he prefers vanilla to chocolate. Before we opened the cake you could smell it, and it smells gorgeous! The design is so pretty that you don't want to cut into it, but obviously you will because it is cake, and cake is meant for eating right? The vanilla sponge was really moist, I didn't find the icing as sweet as it was with the chocolate sponge which I was happy with because I'm not a fan of overly sweet cake. Overall, we loved the cake, and we will be purchasing one for Emily's Grandad for Fathers day, I know he will love the chocolate one.

Baker days letter box cakes are £14.99 with free postage within a 7 day delivery period. If you need the cake sooner you can pay the additional postage. This price is for the standard sponge cake, depending on your filling the price of the cake will slightly adjust. I think that £14.99 is a reasonable price when you take into consideration the cake is personalised and convenient, and I would happily pay for the cake again in the future.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

Baker days is kindly giving my lucky readers the chance to win a letterbox cake.

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Little Darlings Review

I'm a little bit of a clean freak. I usually keep anti-bacterial wipes in my bag, but personally I don't think I am being too over the top. When we go out for a meal and use a different high chair, they're usually pretty dirty. Its not obsessively dirty or anything, but it is frustrating, especially when Emily is eating her food straight off the tray most of the time. When we went to the Bedfordshire baby and toddler show, I stumbled upon a stall, it was full of Mrs Gleam products. Mrs gleam has launched a new range of products called Little darlings. I was kindly send the 'on the go pack' to review. 

The pack contains 3 100ml bottles. Mrs Gleam little darlings range are specially formulated products that will give parents peace of mine when you are out and about. All three products will kill 99.999% of germs within 30 seconds which is currently the quickest acting kill time in the market place. Here is a little bit about each product

The car seat and buggy cleaner cleans stains from both car seat and buggy fabric, it also cleans other soft surfaces such as soft toys. It is perfect for use after hygiene accidents, safe around children and safe on skin. It is also eco friendly.
The potty spray leaves the potty clean and fresh at home or on the move. Just like the car seat and buggy cleaner it is safe around children and safe on skin. It is also eco friendly. The potty spray also has a fresh apple scent.
The highchair cleaner leaves no residue, and is safe to eat off. It is perfect for use whilst at home or on the move. 

I absolutely love the product, the picture above was taken while we were on holiday in Skegness. I hate dirty highchairs, Emily loves to eat her food off the tray if we haven't got her OXO tot plate with us. I used to carry a pack of anti bacterial wipes in my bag but they took up so much room. This is the perfect compromise. The bottle of highchair spray fits into my bag with plenty of space to spare. I can spray it on and wipe it over, within 30 seconds it is safe for Emily to eat off. This is a absolutely brilliant time because Emily doesn't like waiting, especially when it comes to food. The potty spray is also really practical for on the go. I love the apple scent, the product is really useful to spray over the changing mat at home, and also when we are out and about. I often find that when we are out there is a mat attached to the side, which rarely gets clean. I always wipe it down before changing Emily. I also love the rainbow print logo and packaging, It is bright and eye catching. The on the go pack comes in a convenient pouch. You can buy the on the go range here.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*
Family Fever

Emily's 8 month update

You can follow us on Instagram to watch Emily grow.

I hate to say it but I haven't got Emily weighed. I feel like I always say this, but I know that she is happy and full. She is being weighed on Thursday, so I will pop back to let you all know. 

Emily is still in size 4 nappies. She is in 6-9 clothing, however her leggings are coming up a little short, think she may need 9-12. She is such a tall baby! 

Emily's hair is really growing rapidly. It is still blonde, not a really fair blonde but more a golden blonde. Its starting to thicken out a lot more now.

Emily's eyes are still bright blue, a lot of people said that they would fade, but that isn't the case at all. They are as bright as ever. 

Emily's vocabulary is constantly growing, on top of the little list of words from her last update, she can now say Up and Hey. 

Emily has two teeth, they are both at the bottom and came through together.

Emily is still loving her food, we are yet to find something she dislikes. You can find out all about her progress here.

In the night garden is still Emily's favourite show, She smiles, laughs and giggles everytime upsy daisy comes on television. She also has found a new love for Thomas the Tank.

Emily can crawl backwards, She is also starting to go forwards but she seems to topple forward. Don't think it will be long before she has mastered it. 

Emily loves bath time still, she has learned how to splash and covers the bathroom. She also has learned to use the side of the bath to stand up, and climbs out of her bath seat. 

Emily can now wave on demand. Every time you say hi or bye she waves and smiles. 

Emily can clap.

She will pull herself to standing using the sofa, or anything she can grab a hold of. She also holds onto the bars in her cot using them to pull herself up. 

Emily blows kisses.

Emily is playing on her knees majority of the time now. She pulls herself from sitting onto her knees. 

Emily stands up one handed, she lets go of the sofa while she is standing. She then starts trying to walk which scares me silly. 

When Emily wakes up in the morning, she cuddles right into you and waves. It is the cutest thing ever. 

Emily is also throwing mighty tantrums. 

She also pulls of her hats constantly, her sun hat and also her knitted little hat. 

Emily can change the program on BBC iplayer when she uses the ipad. She scans across the various programs and taps the one she wants. It's so cute, but I can't get over how she already has picked this up. Little miss smarty pants. 

Emily is constantly slapping, she slaps on her hands highchair, she slaps everything. 

Emily is still sleeping through the night, she also has two 45 minute naps at 11.30 and 3.30. Although she is trying her best to drop her second nap.

What Emily wore #13

I do love doing baby fashion posts, I didn't ever think I would be interested in baby clothes, but it is funny how invested you get once you become a parent. I hate it when Emily is wearing mismatched random clothing, I like her to look pretty and girly, yet I am not really a girly person myself, neither am I that bothered what I wear. It is strange. We have been out and about a lot this week, which I am so grateful for, It is amazing how much it effects your mood by just getting out the house!

Skirt & top set: F&F at Tesco

This is one of my absolute favourite outfits, Emily has so much Minnie Mouse clothing! My younger brothers brought this little outfit for Emily when she was born. I'm proud of there decision, its adorable!

Hoodie & leggings: Matalan | Tshirt & Sun hat: Next 

This is more a casual outfit, we didn't do much yesterday but I really needed to go out. The sun was shining so we headed to the local park, I am honestly so lucky to have the massive green and a really nice park on my doorstep! Emily loves the swings, she will happily play on them for hours if you let her! She even once fell asleep in the swing, haha. 

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OXO Tot Review

Recently the lovely people at OXO tot send us a few products from their baby and toddler range to review. Emily has been using them daily, and I have been loving them too. They are such good designs. OXO tot was one of those new brands for me that I only discovered when I became a parent and I was instantly hooked on the amazing range of baby feeding products. One of the first things that amazed me with this product and it is probably going to sound silly is the packaging. Most children's products are a pain to get into. This packaging had perforated edges, so you can just tear them open. So simple but so effective! Majority of the range comes in 3 colours, Raspberry, Aqua and Green. I do like all of the colours and of course we went for raspberry because we love all things pink. I love how they have a gender neutral colour rather than just the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls.

This product appealed to me straight away, It is so much more hygienic to have a travel case for your baby's spoon. I used to end up emptying my bag to find the spoon because It was in a random pocket or it had fallen to the bottom of my bag and got dirty. Now because it is in a little travel case, it stays clean and is easier to find. There is no cheaping out on quality with OXO tot, the quality of the spoons are so much better than the commonly used plastic baby spoons. I love the fact that the silicone spoon is soft on both your babies mouth and gums. Emily is currently teething and really dislikes our normal spoons.  However she will happily use this one. Even though the silicone edge on the spoon is soft, it is still effective for scraping food from bowls, jars and messy faces. The spoon is shallow which prevents feeding your child too much at once, and it is shaped making it easy for scooping. 

The OXO tot snack cup is brilliantly designed, the hook handle is perfect for clipping it to my bag, or the shopping trolley while we are out, and even easy for Emily's little hands to hold. It is perfect while we are out and about. The other really brilliant thing about the design is the lid is screw on, it doesn't matter how much Emily pulls it or tugs it, it doesn't budge. It took Emily a little while to get used to the flaps, but she soon got the hang of it. I would recommend using the snack cup for harder type snacks such as crisps or apple, we used it for grapes and they went a little mushy when Emily tried to pull them out. The bowl itself is a good size, it has 235ml capacity and the fact that it is see through comes in really useful because you can see when the snacks are getting low. I also love the snap on lid, it is firm and I have no worries about it coming off in my bag which I am really thankful for because I hate snacks gathering in the bottom of my bag. 

The training plate is the perfect size for meals, Emily absolutely loves this plate. The lip stops food from spilling over the edge, and the lip also helps Emily pick up her food with ease. If she is struggling she uses the lip to pull it up. The lip also comes in useful when we are scooping food. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. One of my favourite things about this plate is it is very sturdy, there is no bending like cheaper plates. It has a anti slip weighed bottom which comes in handy because it stops Emily throwing it on the floor. Emily loves the bright Raspberry colour, when she sees the plate she gets excited and starts kicking her feet and smiling. The other smart feature of the training plate is it grows with your child, you can remove the lip/ring and then it becomes a normal shallow plate.

Overall we absolutely love the OXO tot range, so much so that we have purchased a few more items. It looks good, Emily seems to be getting on really well with the training plate. Usually she throws her plates on the floor but this plate doesn't budge. We recently went to a family wedding and took the flippy snack cup with us. Emily was using it during the ceremony, and it kept her from screaming and shouting. It also kept the mess to a minimum. I couldn't praise the products enough!

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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Our Mini Break | Haven Golden Sands

This weekend we had a stay away in Haven. It was nice to just get away, but I always end up feeling very home sick. We had a lovely time though, Golden sands was such a beautiful resort, the staff were absolutely lovely, helpful and friendly.  We booked through sun holidays and upgraded to the luxury caravan. I'm so glad that we did. The caravan looked like it had been recently reestablished and was beautiful. I absolutely loved the colour scheme. It was blue yellow and grey, It felt very homely and calming. It was also very clean, you can tell that it was well looked after and cared for. We really enjoyed exploring the resort and found there was plenty to do. They had shows on every evening, a small fairground, and a really good soft play area near the amusements. There is also a onsite papa johns, who delivered straight to your caravan, and a well stocked Spar shop. 

Across the road from the Haven site is the beach. We are big fans of the beach and it was a beautiful sand one, so we did spend a fair amount of time there. There was also a little train that picks you up at the entrance to the Haven site and take you in Maplethorpe. Maplethorpe is a gorgeous little old fashioned seaside town, we spent the whole day there. The weather was beautiful, a bit windy but nice non the less. Emily loved the sand and sea, she is a really out doors person anyway so it was no surprise to us. She absolutely loved the train on the way down to the town, she was giggling and clapping along the whole journey. She loves trains and Thomas the tank engine all of a sudden.

I would love to go back to haven, but when Emily is older as I feel like she would enjoy it much more. We did have a really good time, It's just a shame that we didn't get to have a look and see what the children's entertainment was like. Not to worry, I'm pretty sure we will be returning next year! I would definitely recommend visiting golden sands, I didn't think I was going blog about this holiday, but we had such a lovely time that I just wanted to show you some pictures of what we got up to, and how lovely the caravan was. It is one of the nicest I have stayed in so far!

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