Treasure Basket: Balls

Have you heard about treasure baskets before? I previously did a post on household treasure baskets here. Emily absolutely loved exploring the mixed household item basket, so I thought I would put together another one for her. She has been activity using this for about 2 weeks now, and she still isn't bored of it, which I think is pretty amazing. This basket is so simple and easy, I literally just got a variety of different size, and texture balls and popped them into a basket. Simple right?

Why use treasure baskets I hear you say? Well they are a great way of teaching young babies how to select, touch, taste and feel. It's a really simple and basic idea, which takes very little effort, but they are really effective. Treasure baskets help babies explore basic items around the household and also build they're confidence in decision making. 

What did the basket contain?
6 different coloured ball pit balls.
Spikey light up ball
Light up butterfly ball
3 mirrored balls
6 shaky eggs (not really balls - but Emily loves them)

Emily really enjoyed exploring the basket, she enjoyed picking different balls out of the basket and returning them. I thought Emily would loose interest in the activity really quickly, but she didn't. She carried on playing with the balls long after I had stopped encouraging her. It became a case of me trying to put the balls back in the basket, and then Emily pulling them right back out again with giggles. 


  1. I love treasure baskets, always use them with the children at work and it's something I plan to do with little one once she is old enough #mummybloggers

    1. Thank you, I have plenty more coming up! I used to work in a nursery, so I got a lot of ideas from creating them there. x

  2. You can see how this engaged Emily in the photos - fantastic. I love how treasure baskets can create hours of fun! I love her bib too hehe :) Thanks for linking up to #playathometuesdays

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Emily absolutely loved the treasure basket, Can't wait to see your posts with Sophie! x

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