Sleep Diary | Week One | #TeamSleepSheep

As many of you may have read, Emily 's bedroom is finally decorated, has a carpet and is ready for use. We have hit a massive milestone, Emily has moved into her own bedroom. I honestly didn't believe it would be this difficult having her in a different room, my baby is all grown up, sob. Emily and me used to co-sleep, I genuinely believed that when she is ready the transition into her own cot would be smooth and easy. Boy was I wrong. Emily would sleep in our bed all night long, but as soon as you put her in her own cot she would literally wake up every ten to fifteen minutes. Now she has moved into her own bedroom, she does seem to be settling a little bit. Although she is now waking up maybe 3-4 times a night, I wouldn't mind if there was a reason, but there doesn't seem to be. She doesn't want a dummy, or a bottle, or even me most nights. She just looks at me, then drifts back off. While I am genuinely grateful that she isn't screaming down the house, it is still a little frustrating having to get out of bed just so she can see me. Something's got to give right?

Dunelm are the UK's No.1 home ware retailer, they are currently running the disruptive campaign featuring the Dunelm sleep experts, The #TeamSleepSheep - These are four sheep characters who aim to help the nation get a better night's sleep. Aunty Ali, Rory Foam, Theo Thermal, and Barney Blackout Visit you in the twilight if you aren't getting your best nights sleep to give you some much needed advise. This way when you wake up in the morning, you'll know what to do and head to your Dunelm store. If you haven't seen the adverts you can take a look here. You can also follow there updates on Twitter.

Emily with her #TeamSleepSheep
Barney Blackout paid a little visit to Emily, with British summer time in full swing, meaning our clocks went forward a hour. This means we now have lighter evenings, and Emily doesn't want to go to sleep. I wasn't sure if it was the light, or the fact she is in a new bedroom, but by this point I was willing to try anything out! Dunelm kindly sent a pair of blackout curtains from the up and away collection for Emily to try out. They are really reasonably prices with a RRP of £49.99 which I think is brilliant considering the quality of the curtains, and I would personally purchase them myself. I love the look of these curtains, they have such a gorgeous design. They are pink, and have a little bit of floral in them, perfect! The other great thing about the black out curtains is, they not only keep the light out, but they block out sound. This is brilliant considering we live by a main road and it can get a little noisy. I put them up on Friday night, I wasn't really to hopeful, because like I said Emily has just moved into her own bedroom. Honestly they made such a difference. While I was putting them up, I couldn't believe how much more light they blocked out compared to her old curtains. It has definitely improved her day time naps too. 

Black out curtains on the Left, Emily's old curtains on the right.
(Please excuse the creases, my iron broke, I'm collecting a new one on Tuesday, I can't wait to iron them!)
To my surprise, Emily went down for her sleep as usual at 8pm, I know that seems a little late, but with the clock change, we are tackling one thing at a time. She then slept all the way from 8pm till 8.30am! She woke up once, because she lost her dummy, but went straight back off. I was so shocked I actually picked up her baby monitor and checked it to see if it was broken or not. Does anyone else do this, or is it just me? Shockingly it wasn't and she was fast asleep. I really think the curtains made such a difference, it made her room darker, and there was no confusion to the fact it was bedtime. Thank you Barney for helping us out with our sleeping troubles! I'm really hoping that this is it, and she carry's on sleeping through the night, I'm not fussed if she wakes up once, or twice, but it is nice not to be up and down all night! 

UPDATE: We have now been reviewing the curtains for about 3 nights, and it is safe to say, Emily's sleep has definitely improved. She doesn't wake up crying, and she goes down so much easier. They also look amazing, which is definitely a plus for me.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*


  1. Awww such a milestone. I used to co sleep with Noah too and he transitioned really well. I think I struggled with it more than he did! I do miss those snuggles but he sleeps so much better now in his own room. Emily's room looks fab by the way! x

    1. I miss co sleeping! Emily has grown out of it now, although I still get morning cuddles which is a good compromise. I like you struggled more than Emily did. Thank you, I have been working hard on her bedroom, I have a bedroom tour post coming up! x

  2. I am feeling really nervous as we start to approach Freddie needing to go into his own room, but this post has made me feel so much better as I know you co-slept too! so its such a big change. So glad Emily is sleeping through pretty much now, hope you are enjoying your sleep :) xx

    1. I was so nervous too, but I am suprised at how easy Emily took to it, and it is nice to have my bed back if I am honest. Although I can't sleep now, It's a massive change to not have her there, and I do kind of miss her! If you need any advise, or feel a little bit upset like I did, just give me a tweet. Thank you for stopping by. xx


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