Introducing Little Sleepy Sew & Sew

I just wanted to tell you about a brand we are currently loving, as many of you may or may not be aware I have a slight addiction to dribble bibs. I literally wouldn't be without them, just purely because Emily dribbles everywhere, or munches on some snacks and ends up wearing half of it. I love the fact you can add a dribble bib to a outfit and completely transform it into something else.
So let me introduce you to Anna the owner of little sleepy sew and sew. Anna started a blog over at play at home teacher, that is how we originally met, Anna has a daughter Sophie who is slightly younger than Emily. While Sophie naps, Anna is making some beautiful creations on her sewing machine! She makes hooded towels, anti-slam door wraps, and dribble bibs with gorgeous fabrics.
The quality of the items Anna has made for Emily is amazing, she made Emily a gorgeous floral bundle, as my regular readers will know, I love anything that is floral. I have found that hooded towels can be quite expensive, but the one Anna made for us she is selling on her Etsy for just £12.00 that is a absolute bargain if you ask me. 
Also another amazing little invention I have found through Anna is the anti-slam door wrap, they prevent your door from slamming shut, or little fingers getting trapped. It has been a lifesaver for us as there is always a draft which catches Emily's bedroom door. 
The dribble bibs are a really good quality and have adjustable fastenings, so they will be able to grow with Emily. Emily gets lots of compliments about her various different style bibs. I would definitely head over to her Etsy page and check out the amazing things she has for sale. We have been lucky enough to be picked to be a brand rep for Little sleepy sew and sew, and we can't wait to show you some more lovely handmade products. 

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