Emily's 7 Month Update

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I haven't actually got Emily weighed since her last monthly update. We are going next week, so I will be sure to update you. Although we don't have any concerns about her weight, she is eating plenty.

We are still in size 4 nappies. Emily has gone into 6-9 clothes now, however she can still wear 3-6 tops. She just seems to have shot up, her 6-9 leggings are even a little too short. Personally I think she is going to be pretty tall like her daddy.

Emily can pull herself from laying down to sitting up. She can also pull herself from sitting to standing using the sofa, foot stool or her Vtech first steps walker.

Emily's vocabulary is growing at a rapid rate. She now says, Mumma, Mum, Dadda, Baba, Hi and Nana. I did have a few people say Emily doesn't understand what she is saying, but if I leave the room she will say mumma, she calls Sam dadda, and she has never once muddled it up. We both left the room at the same time the other day, I went into the kitchen, and Sam to the bedroom, the next thing we heard was Emily crying and she said 'Mumma, Dadda' and then carried on crying. Obviously we both went back to her, I mean come on, it was cute. 

Emily has her first tooth!! I can't even get over this! My baby seems more and more grown up everyday. I didn't even realise that she had her first tooth. It had broken threw until she bit me. She hasn't even made fuss.

Bath time is Emily's absolute favourite, although I am having concerns as she is now trying to climb out of her bath seat.

Emily is still loving her food, although we have started introducing more BLW style meals, she really enjoys anything pasta based. She loves jam sandwiches, and wotsits. Ella's kitchen puffets seem to be a new found favourite too.

Emily is still loving In the night garden, she now has all the characters in the soft toys which she loves.

We made sensory bottles this week, and they have become her favourite thing, she loves to bang things around.

Emily can now crawl backwards, she also dives from the sitting position into laying down, and pulls herself along by her arms with her bum in the air. It is so cute!

Emily is now in her own bedroom, I have a bedroom tour coming up soon. Be sure to look out for that. 

Emily raises her hands when she wants picking up.

She now cuddles into you when your giving her a cuddle.

She has mastered how to spin the seat around in her jumperoo.

She can now put her dummy in her mouth by herself, she loves pulling it out so it makes a 'Pop' sort of sound, she then puts it back in and does it again.

She absolutely loves mirrors, she has realized there is someone looking back at her and tries to kiss them.

Emily will now wave at you, she wont do it on demand though, but we are working on that.

Emily is now sleeping through the night! Yay! She is also having two naps during the day, which are usually 45 minutes. One at half 11 and the second at half 3.

The only problem I seem to have when Emily is napping is she will constantly roll, which means she ends up at the top or bottom of her cot with her face pressed against it. Then cries, I move her and she goes back to sleep straight away.


  1. So grown up and What a clever little girl with those words! I totally think they know what they're saying :) xx

    1. Thank you, I can't believe how fast she is growing up! It really does fly by doesn't it x


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