Bluestone Adventures | Wednesday 25th March

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Today we decided to venture outside of Bluestone, I wanted to see as much of Wales as I could fit in while we are here. I know holidays are supposed to be lovely and relaxing, but I honestly feel like I am going to need another holiday to get over this one. 

We decided to head to Folly farm for the day. Although Emily is young, she does take quite a lot in, and this was her first trip to a zoo. She absolutely loved it, although I do think she will enjoy it much more when she is older. I knew folly farm was close to bluestone, but I was surprised at just how close - It was literally a ten minute drive! There was so much to do at Folly farm, and it is much more than your average farm. There were interactive zones, a vintage funfair, zoo animals and huge play areas. I think if you have older children you could easily spend all day there without getting bored or running out of things to do. We stopped off at the Jolly barn first, this was Emily's favourite part. She absolutely loved the little chicks and watched them moving around. When me and Sam tried to take her to carry on exploring she starting winging and crying, so we ended up looking at the chicks for a good 15 minutes. 

After we prized Emily away from the chicks we headed over to the zoo section of the park, where we found penguins! I absolutely love penguins, we headed up to the top of the penguin tank, just because it was less busy. I'm not very good with crowds and neither is Emily. She really enjoyed watching them swim and waddle around, I held her by the glass and she kept pushing her face up against it and saying 'oooo' which is always a good sign right? Unfortunately after about a hour and half of exploring it was all too much for Emily, she decided to snooze, me and Sam explored the rest of Folly Farm and then headed off. It was a shame that Emily missed most of the animals, but she really enjoyed what she did see. I definitely would recommend heading to folly farm, and would love to go back when Emily is older. There is definitely lots to do at the park, and I loved that there was different play areas. It meant that little ones could run around and burn off some steam. 

After we left Folly farm we decided to venture into Tenby. Quite a few people recommended heading up to the beach, and I had seen some pictures and it did look really lovely. I'm so glad that we decided to go, It was such a peaceful and beautiful place. I love being beside the sea, I find it really therapeutic, and calming, so it was nice to have a little stroll down the beach. We also popped into some shops to have a look around. We then got some fish and chips and sat on the bench over looking the sea. It was honestly so lovely to get that quality time with Sam and Emily, and for that I am so grateful. So I will let the pictures do the talking for me.

When we got back to bluestone, we got some dinner, then let Emily have a little play in the circus room before heading to bed for one last fun jam packed day!

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*We were provided with a 4-night stay free of charge in exchange for a honest and personal review, However all opinions are my own.*

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  1. Gorgeous pics! We loved Tenby but a massive hailstorm came as soon as we got to the beach haha Glad you all enjoyed Folly Farm xx


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