Bluestone Adventures | Thursday 26th March

We booked Emily in for a messy play class on Thursday, So we were up and out pretty early. The class started at 10am at the Adventure Centre, which meant we had to tackle the dreaded hill again. Once we arrived at the Adventure Centre we waited in the reception area to be called through to one of the little rooms. Emily loves getting messy, and we do a lot of messy play activities at home, so I had high expectations for this class. I stripped Emily down just to her vest and tights just so she didn't completely ruin her stuff, and I would definitely recommend you doing this too if you plan on taking you little one. 

The class was based on a 'birthday party', with the lady who hosted it dressed as a clown. I have to give it to the entertainment staff, they were very attentive and helpful, they also made sure they engaged with the children as much as time would allow. Emily's favourite tray was jelly and ice cream. She absolutely loved squishing her hands in it, and mixing it about. She then proceed to try and eat it! It was really lovely to watch Emily play, and I loved watching the expressions she would pull over new things she discovered. 

The messy play class cost £7 for a hour but I was left feeling a little bit disappointed. The class itself was lovely, there was lots of activities for the children to carryout, and explore. It was open to quite a big age group, 4 years and under. They used 4 tuff spot trays, and one at the back to wash your hands in when you get a little to messy. My biggest gripe was all of the trays were elevated off the ground, which made it difficult for the younger ones to get access to. Emily loves to explore and doesn't really like to be held, but I had no option but to hold her up else she simply wouldn't have reached the trays. I do think they should have perhaps had two trays on the floor and two higher up, just for variety and for ease of use. It would have made the class more age friendly and much more enjoyable. Sadly after about 30 minutes Emily was very frustrated and started getting groggy so we left, I do feel if there was trays on the floor that I could have sat her next to and let her explore it without interruption she would have enjoyed the class so much more. Maybe that is something Bluestone can improve on. 

We decided to head to the blue lagoon after the messy play class. When we checked in we were told that full access to the blue lagoon was available for free, you just mention that your staying on site at the reception and they give you tickets. Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photographs in the pool area, but I managed to get one little picture of Emily on the little beach chairs after we got out of the pool, I had to at least get one as it is the first time we have took her swimming. I've been wanting to take Emily swimming for so long, but due to personal reasons I was unable, I knew that she would absolutely love it though because she loves bath time. Well she just loves water.

We used a family changing room, but we were waiting for about 5 minutes to get one. I do think they perhaps need a few more, but it isn't really a huge problem. The main pool was amazing, there were slides, a outdoor lazy river, and even a seperate baby pool. We took Emily into the main pool to start with, but due to the waves, which she really wasn't that keen on, and it got so much more choppy than I was expected. We decided to pop into the baby pool until the waves were over. 
In the baby pool there was a slide, and a little rock pool for babies and toddlers to explore, which did look really fun. The only downside to the baby pool is we thought the main pool was warmer, usually baby pools are pretty warm. However Emily ended up shivering so we popped her back into the big main pool so she could have her shoulders under the water (the baby pool was shallow) and it was fine. 

The lazy river was really good fun, It takes you from one side of the pool to the other, It has a current which sweeps you along - I didn't actually realize at first that it actually carries you outside into the open air. It was freezing but Emily absolutely loved it and giggled the whole way around. As long as you keep your shoulders under water the cold isn't so bad. The atmosphere is lovely, and I thought it was a nice touch having all of the beach chairs around the pool. There is also a little fish bar cafe which serves hot and cold food choices, but I can't comment on this because we didn't eat there. 

After we had finished swimming we decided to head back to the lodge, Emily was due a nap, and because check out time is 10am I wanted to get a hold on the packing. We planned on eating out, and Sam was looking at the various different places on site. We decided on the Farmhouse Grill and we wasn't disappointed. Both me and Sam picked the same. We had the Farmhouse burger. It's a 6oz beef burger in a floured bun, with lettuce, onions, tomato and BBQ sauce. We also added cheese and bacon. The food portions were really good, and we both really enjoyed the food. We shared a desert too because we were just too full. We had the gooey chocolate brownie, with ice cream. I have to say, I could have eaten the brownie all over again. It was delicious. I found the prices of the food to be really good value for money too. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant was great. It had its own character, and was very calm. The staff were very attentive and helpful, and they all loved chatting to Emily which I thought was lovely. We had such a lovely meal, and a really good experience I would definitely go back.

Over all we had a absolutely lovely time at Bluestone. We would definitely recommend it to friends and family, and we are also planning another trip back at the end of this year. It was really nice to reconnect with Sam, and have our first family holiday. We created memories that I will treasure forever and I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to review a mid-week break with Bluestone. I'm not going to post a Friday entry, just because all we did was travel home, and pack up. 

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*We were provided with a 4-night stay free of charge in exchange for a honest and personal review, However all opinions are my own.*

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  1. It's so interesting reading different peoples reviews. I agree with what you said about the messy play, the class we did there weren't any much younger than Amelia so all were tall enough to reach the tables maybe they could look into a younger class just for babies or have some bits on the floor like you said. We loved the blue lagoon too and found there were literally tonnes of family changing rooms empty and we went three times! I had the burger from the farmhouse grill too and really enjoyed it but totally wish I had gone for a pudding now seeing it! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday host xx


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