Bedfordshire Baby & Toddler Show

This weekend we attended our local baby & toddler show, I had pretty high hopes because even though I live here I am completely oblivious to what is around me. I was not disappointed at all, I found some lovely brands, and met some lovely people who run baby groups. As you may know if you are regular readers, I always shy away from baby groups, or group situations in general because of my anxiety, Luckily with my friend Lorraine (From babyypebbles) in tow I was absolutely fine. At first I was really nervous, but I soon got over that and I think this was mainly down to the fact I had Lorraine with me. She was my support, I know she suffers from anxiety too, so it was nice that I didn't have to explain it she just got it. It has made me realize how far I have come, and that in the future I will be able to take Emily to baby groups by myself.

The show was being held at Bedford athletic stadium, It began at 10am till 4pm, I wanted to get there when the doors opened, just because I wanted to get the full days experience, and I know me and Lorraine combined can talk for England, so we would probably need all day! As we entered we were greeted by very welcoming staff, and received a lovely goody bag. It mainly contained leaflets which is really handy for me, I'm quite a forgetful person, so it is always nice to be able to look back and take everything in when your in the comfort of your own home. It also contained some goodies for Emily, a children's hardback book, Oraganix strawberry porridge sample, and a Ella's kitchen fruit pouch. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how many people attended the event, the sports hall was absolutely huge, and it was packed. Each company had there own table which was filled with different things, information and products to purchase. When we first arrived I felt a little overwhelmed so we decided to have a little walk around so we could get a real feel for what was there. I really wish that there was something like this when I was pregnant, because it was full of useful information. We also met a absolutely lovely lady called Pat from gentle birthing. She is a retired midwife, and is now a experienced hypnobirthing teacher and Doula. I would of loved to know about Doula's while I was pregnant, because I feel like she would have been able to calm me down when I was going through the rough stages of my pregnancy. This would have made the whole experience more enjoyable for me, If I ever had another baby, I would definitely be giving her a call.

Once we started wondering around it dawned on me just how much there was to do, there was lots of fun things to keep the children young and older entertained too. There was a bouncy castle, a soft play area, and kiddi caru day nursery even brought along some treasure baskets, which Emily and Penny absolutely loved. There was also refreshments and snacks available, and a good amount of seating, we did have to pit stop a few times due to hungry babies, but we never actually had to battle to find seating, there was always something available which is amazing!

Once we had a little look around, we decided to talk to some companies, we actually managed to speak to everyone who was at the show. I honestly don't know how we managed to speak to everyone, by the time we finished we were absolutely shattered. Everyone we spoke to were so polite and lovely, they were happy to explain what they were all about and equally cared and listened to what I had to say. I can't list absolutely everyone I spoke to else we will literally be here for days, but I will mention a few that really stuck out for me, and I think they will interest you too.

Fingerprint jewellery
Fingerprint jewellery is run by the lovely Tina, its handcrafted gifts in solid sterling silver, the centrepiece is your own unique fingerprint, hand or footprint, handwriting, artwork and ever pet prints! There is a range of different things to choose from. cufflinks to keyrings or charm bracelets to necklaces. 

Adrian Bullers photography
Adrian is one of the leading maternity, newborn and baby photographers in Bedford. He has won awards for his creative artwork, I really wish I knew about Adrian when I was pregnant. I would have loved to get a maternity to newborn photoshoot.  Adrian was lovely to talk to and I'm sure that he would put his clients at ease while photographing them. 

Fairies 'n' Frogs
Fairies 'n' Frogs is a award winning, family run traditional toy shop. It is based in the centre of ampthill. If your from bedford you will know we have a shortage of toy shops. So it is lovely to find another. I brought a gorgeous wooden train for Emily, and I'm looking forward to visiting the shop to purchase more bits a pieces for Emily. Luan the proud owner of the shop, could not be more helpful and kind hearted, it was really refreshing to find a old fashioned type toy shop. 

Keepsakes from my sewing room
Gemma was so approachable and lovely to talk to, she creates beautiful keepsakes from bears to cushions and even patch work quilts. Do you want to know the best bit? She makes them out of your babies clothes, I currently have a whole stack of baby clothes, that hold some type of importance to me. For example the first baby grow Emily ever wore, It would be lovely to get some of these made into a teddy or cushion for Emily to treasure forever. After seeing Gemma's product on show on Sunday I cannot recommend her enough, it is clear to see she absolutely loves what she does, and there is so much effort, love and attention in each of her creations. Be sure to go and have a look at her website.

Baby bond
Babybond were show casing at the baby show. I've previously had 2 scans by them, a gender scan (you can read my experience here), and a 4D scan (you can read my experience here). I cannot recommend them enough. 

Baby college
Run by Tiffiny baby college is a parent and baby/toddler development class, they off a multi-sensory progressive program which is tailored to your child's age and runs alongside your child's development. Me and Lorraine are attending a baby college session next week and we are super excited, so be sure to look out for the blog post on that!

Safari MK
I tend to shop a lot in Milton keynes, and is actually where me and Lorraine met for the first time. We both wanted to take the girls to a soft play type establishment, but we couldn't find one so we settled for shopping. However at the baby show we were introduced to Safari MK, it is a unique soft play and children's party venue. we both can't wait to take the girls here!
Tiny toadstool creations
This is one of the tables that stood out for me the most, I absolutely fell in love with the handmade designs that were on offer. Each item is designed to tailor what you require, they create bumpers, quilts, curtain tie backs, nappy stackers and a whole host of other things. I fell in love with the individual bumper bars that they had created. I've never seen these before but will definately be purchasing these for Emily because she recently decided her bumper was a good thing to play with and got it wrapped around her neck. 

The Kiln
Based in Bedford, The kiln specializes in making beautiful memories for parents. They capture your child's hands and footprints on ceramic, plaster, clay and even silver jewellery. I have always walked past the shop and wondered what it was like, I've always said to myself I will go and have a look but never quite made it. It was lovely to meet the brains behind the business and find out how it all worked. I'm definitely going to be popping in soon to get Emily's hand prints done.

kalikraft is a small local business that produces handmade jewellery, hand stamped items and other beaded accessories. Each piece is made to order. Kalikraft can also make personalised coasters which is one of the main things I got excited about. I am always on the look out for cute unique items that I can use for gifts, especially for Emily's grandparents. You can choose your picture, then email it over and then Kirstin prints it on to coasters.

Tina attended the baby show too, she is a specialist night maternity nurse and a baby sleep consultant. Although luckily I don't have problems with Emily's sleep now, she has become such a good sleep in the past couple of weeks, she gave Lorraine some really good advise.

Mia Tui
Mia Tui is a brand that I had never heard of before the baby show. Mia Tui was created by Charlotte, a mother of two. She created a stylish yet practical bag, which is affordable. I fell in love with the Ella bag at the show, There was plenty of space for all of the bits I needed. It also has a insulated bottle holder which was my favourite feature. I am definitely looking into getting one of these for myself. I also love how it has buggy straps, making it clip on to the buggy really easily. 

Body Blanket
Body blanket is a little unique product I found and loved while at the baby show. It allows you to do hands free swaddling. It is a registered design, so at the moment you can only purchase it directly from Sharon the designer. I have a full review of the product coming up, so be sure to keep a look out for it!

There was also demonstrations running throughout the day,and a character meet and greet. Emily got to meet Minnie mouse, but she really wasn't impressed! All in all I had a absolutely lovely day, with my best friend. Found some amazing brands and products I didn't know existed, which I'm sure will end up costing me money in the very near future as I have seen quite a few things I want to purchase. I would definitely recommend attending your local baby show. Personally I feel it is important to support local businesses, and they are usually the ones who care more about the product they are providing. I would definitely attend the show again.


  1. Oh I am absolutely gutted I missed this because I live in Bedford, but I am glad you had a wonderful time. I must look out for it next time round. :-) x

    1. They're having another one next year! Defintaly recommend going! Oh i live in Bedford too (Obviously)! Small world. xx


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