What Emily wore #6

This weekend has gone by so fast, we spent the weekend as a family. it's always the weekends when you don't have nothing planned that go by really fast. We are currently on a holiday countdown, as we are off to bluestones on the 23rd, has anyone else been? We cant contain our excitement as it will be our first holiday as a family of three.

 I'm loving joining in with the weekend baby style linky. I usually forget to write posts about Emily's outfits but she has such a lovely wardrobe full of clothes, it would be a shame not to link up. Although it's becoming harder to snap pictures of Emily. She's rolling, and trying to crawl now. I'm pretty sure that it won't be long until she is on the move properly. This actually scares me slightly. My baby isn't so little anymore!

This was a christmas present from Emily's lovely godmother. It's from F&F, Tesco. 

Back with the floral again, this leggings and top combo is from George Asda, I can't resist anything floral. It suits her doesn't it. 


  1. I know what you mean about weekends flying by! Aww we loved Bluestones and would go back in a flash, enjoy!! The pool is fab. I hear ya on the hard to take photos front. The moving malarkey makes it 100x harder! Emily is such a little doll. The colour of the first outfit really suits her and flatters her skin tone. It doesn't look like its from Tesco , in a good way! I saw the Asda set the other day and almost bought it for Isla, but they didn't have her size. It's lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with us :) xx #weekendbabystyle

  2. Hah, wait until she becomes a toddler, that your outfit pictures will mostly consist of the back of her head :D (speaking from experience...). Love the peach coloured dress, it looks adorable on her. Like Sarah said, it really looks good on her skintone. Very pretty. #weekendbabystyle


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