Mini portable soother steriliser review*

When the lovely people over at Milton offered to send us a mini portable soother steriliser to review, we jumped at the chance. Emily is one of those babies who throws everything, she will pull it out of her mouth when you're not looking and drop it. So it gets covered in all sorts of mess. So this seemed like a brilliant idea to me, you can make the solution and it lasts for 24 hours. When you pop the dummy into the little pod it only takes 15 minutes to sterilise. It also doesn't need rinsing once you take it out of the solution, you can give it straight to your little one, its completely safe and they're is no taste to it. 

How does it work?
The mini soother steriliser comes with a strap which you can use to hook it to your buggy, or inside your bag, well where ever you want really. It also comes with 10 mini sterilising tablets, It's important that you use the mini ones and not ordinary big ones.

I'm going to take you through the steps to show you how easy it is to use it. Before you use the soother steriliser you need to rinse the two sponges out under running water. The sponges stack one on top of the other, the top one is the one with a hole for the dummy to slot into. The solution is easy to make, fill the pod up to the fill line with cold water, then drop in one tablet. Once the tablet is dissolved completely push the sponges into the pod, making sure they absorb the water. Any water left over just tip away.

Pop the dummy into the hole, turn it a couple of times to clean the teat, and then leave the dummy in the pod with the lid on. After 15 minutes the dummy is sterilised and safe for use. 

What do we think?
I honestly think that this is such a good invention. Its' a very unique little product which allows mummies to always have a sterilised back up dummy when out and about. The little pod comes in 3 different colours, blue, purple and green. We picked the purple option, but all three colours are bright and eye catching.  It can be attached to any buggy, car seat or bag. I've been testing it out for a good couple of days and I have found it really useful for travels. The little pod is not only stylish but 100% water tight. I tend to take two dummies out with us, one that Emily already has and then one in the pod, if she drops one I simple swap them over, by the time she usually drops it again, it is sterilised again.

The other thing I have found it really useful for is the night time, I attach the little pod to the side of her cotbed using the strap provided. It stops me frantically searching for the dummy in the cot, I simply undo the pot, and give her the sterilised one, which makes sure she doesn't wake up. Once she's drifting off back to sleep I then proceed to find the lost one, replacing it in the pod. 

The soother steriliser is priced at a reasonable £7.29 (Price on day of review in Tesco), and you can buy a additional box of 50 mini sterilising tablets for just £1.85. 

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*


  1. Sounds like a life saver :) Scarlett never took a dummy but if she did I'm sure she'd be the same and throwing it all the time!

    1. It really is, Thank you for stopping by! x

  2. What a fantastic idea! Milton products were definitely used in our house but never got the chance to try this, looks like it is rather handy! Sim x

    1. It's such a eye-catching handy little pod. I would definately recommend it! Thank you for stopping by x


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