Happy half birthday!

Dear Emily, 
I really can't believe you are 6 months old today, Happy half birthday baby girl! 

How is it possible we have spent half a year together already?! How we have gotten to this age already is beyond me, it only seems like yesterday you were my tiny 6lb 13oz little baby in my arms, holding you for the first time and getting to know you. You really have grown up over the past 6 months, it doesn't feel right calling you my baby anymore. You have become your own little person. I've never known such a determined little girl, if you want that toy that is a little out of your reach, it isn't a problem as you will soon scoot there to get it. I'm so proud of the things you have accomplished already, and the milestones you have hit. Rolling over, sitting up by yourself, pulling yourself up into the sitting position, and every single new little thing you learn everyday amazes me. Emily you are like a little sponge. 

You have the sweetest personality, and you are really affectionate towards me and daddy. If I'm upset you place your hand on my cheek and smile, which seems to make all the sadness disappear in a moment. You absolutely love playing with people, you're so good at sharing your toys, you never get upset if someone takes something from you. That makes me a very proud mummy. You love your books, and you're building up quite a collection. If I am reading, you listen very intently and love looking at the pictures. You sit quietly with daddy and watch television, or watch while he plays on his iPad, although you do try and push all the buttons. You never stop laughing and smiling which makes my heart melt. Everyone who meets you, comments on how beautiful your eyes are. You have now got into a good sleep routine, you go to bed at half 7 after a bath, which daddy gives you. It is nice that you two have that little time together. You absolutely love your food, which I think you get from daddy, you will eat everything we give you. Everyday I spend with you is a blessing, you are the most important person in my life and I couldn't imagine being without you now. I really hope you have some lovely memories to look back on when you're older. I try so hard to document as much as I can, and both me and daddy make sure we take lots of pictures for you to look back on. One little request Emily, please stop growing so quickly, mummy and daddy can't keep up.

Lots of love, Mummy x

P.s, I made some cakes for you today, because you love cake, and it was so cute to see you eating the chocolate off the top.

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  1. 6 months!!! It goes so so fast, love her dress its so sweet. Lovely photos! Thanks for linking up and hope to see you again tomorrow! #MummyMonday xx


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