Emilys 6 month update

Excuse me while I cry, my baby turned 6 months old! Happy half birthday babygirl!

You can follow us on Instagram to watch her grow.

Emily now weighs 16lb 12oz. My little chunky monkey!

We have moved up to size 4 nappies, and Emily is still in 3-6 clothes. I have finally put away all of her 0-3 bits and bobs.

Emily is now sitting up unaided. She is a absolute pro at sitting up, surrounded by toys she will happily sit there for ages.

She will also stand while holding onto the sofa, or leaning on something. 

Emily no longer has the head hugger in the car seat. It made me really sad to take it out, just because it shows how much shes actually grown. She's a little person now, not a baby anymore.

Emily is so much more vocal, she makes lots of sounds, and loves shouting at you.

Talking, Emily has mastered how to say baba, dadda and mumma now. I have to admit it melts your heart a little. 

Emily's little baby bath is gone, and has been replaced with her bath seat. She absolutely loves baths now, It's so cute to watch her playing with her ducks.

Blowing raspberries has to be one of her favourite things to do, she will literally blow raspberries all day long, Daddy taught her how to do this!

Emily has started feeding herself finger foods, toast, and carrot puffs ect. 

Emily loves iggle piggle and upsy daisy, She used to watch in the night garden with no reaction, she would just stare at it. now when iggle piggle comes on the screen she starts giggling and kicking her legs with excitement. 

Emily's weaning is going really well, you can catch up on her weaning posts.

Emily is fascinated by different textures, she loves feeling materials, watching water run, and playing with scrunched up paper.

If you lay Emily on her tummy, she can spin in circles, she also pushes herself forward and grabs various different toys.

We are starting to get into a better routine, Emily has two naps during the day for a hour to a hour and half. One at half 11, and the second at half 3. She then has a bath, bottle and then bed at 8pm. It seems to be working out really well, she is also taking to her cot pretty well now, I just need to keep persevering, I know she will get there in the end.

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  1. Aw what a lovely update. A beautiful keepsake. I know that feeling of them growing. Our J is now 11 months and I know I'm going to feel excited but also a little emotional when he turns a year!x


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