Easter shaky eggs

Easter is coming up, and we are very excited. As you know we are a big fan of arts and crafts in our household. So I decided to find a fun, but different activity that Emily would really enjoy. Shaky eggs are so simple, but very effective. Babies love nothing more than making noise, and exploring various different things. I used a couple of different ingredients, some rice, and some pasta. I think these are brilliant for Easter time, it is so hard to find Easter gifts for a baby, so these are going to be a brilliant addition to Emily's Easter basket.

As you can see, It was really simple to make them, I brought some empty eggs from poundland. I then filled them with pasta and rice, I also left a couple empty just so Emily could see the difference in weight and sound. I used super glue to stick the eggs together so that Emily couldn't pop them open. Then I left them to dry overnight.

To add to the fun, I put some straw like paper in the bottom of the basket and then added the eggs. This amused Emily for ages, she loved taking the eggs out of the basket, and putting them back in. This was before she discovered that they made noise when you moved them. Once she discovered that if she shaked them they would make noise she didn't stop. I also got plenty of giggles out of her during this activity.

Top tip: Emily kept trying to place the eggs in her mouth, so we ended up using sellotape to tape them up. This way if she did put them in her mouth she wouldn't taste the superglue. 

If you decide to make these, I would love to see some pictures.

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  1. These look great! :)

    thanks for joining in on #mummymonday :) love, Gemma - host xo


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