Becoming a parent

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing things you will experience in your life. Sure there is the odd challenge, stressful moment, and tantrum along the way, but there is also the good things, the cuddles, kisses and unexpected moments that you never forget. There is a weird sense of achievement watching your child accomplish something new. In the big shift of things, there is also a few things that change, things that you never thought about or considered before you have a baby. 

So, here is a little list of a few things that have changed for me.
  • I used to be quite timid and shy. I let people walk all over me on a regular basis, I literally might as well have had mug written on my head. Since having Emily that has really changed. Where it concerns Emily, I will speak my mind, and I won't back down. She's my daughter, it is my job to protect her, raise her and discipline her if needs be. I brought her into this world, and she is my responsibility, I'll be damned if I am going to let anyone else have a say in that.
  • I've lost touch with people I should have banished from my life years ago. There were people in my life who I'm not even sure how they got there, they just did. However all they did was cause me upset, and disapprove of my life decisions. I don't want someone like that in my little girls life. I have also met people since having Emily who I want to keep in my life, having a baby really makes you realise who your 'true' friends are. The ones who stick around through everything, and listen to you talk about your baby all day long.
  • Growing up, you seem to lose your imagination. When you have a baby, you once again believe in things you haven't since you were a child. Like Santa, or the tooth fairy. Ok, so you don't necessarily believe in them, but you believe in them for the sake of your child, and make things like Christmas as magical as you can.
  • You become a morning person, you really don't have a whole lot of choice in this. Unfortunately your baby doesn't come with a snooze alarm. Once they are up so are you, gone are the days where you can have a lie in.
  • You'd rather buy something for your child than yourself. Your priorities in life shift, since becoming a mummy, baby clothes look so much more appealing to me than clothes for myself. I swear nearly all of my money goes on Emily, the girl has a better wardrobe than me!
  • You don't mind being in bed by 9oclock. Gone are the days where I stay up all night watching film after film. Having a baby really makes you value the few little hours you get of sleep. If going to sleep at 9 means you get a good 4 hours sleep before that little monkey wakes up. Trust me you'll be going to bed at 9!
  • Every day is a surprise, there is always a new challenge, or milestone that you're hitting. I've learnt to take it all in my stride. I used to wish my weeks away, but now I treasure each and every day!
  • Taking a shower is a luxury, trying to jump in the shower, when you're home alone with the baby becomes a military task. As soon as Emily goes down for her nap, I jump in the shower, gone are the days where I could spend a good half hour in a nice hot shower. Now they are like 10 minutes tops. I don't even have time to dry my hair normally. Being a mummy is glamorous isn't it? I don't get how some mummies manage to get a shower, hair done and a full face of make up every morning. Hats off to you ladies!
  • You can now hold a full conversation about poo. Enough said.
  • Eating a hot meal is a big deal, I can't even tell you how many times my dinner went cold when Emily was a newborn. It's like she knew I was about to eat, that would be exactly the moment that she chose to be a monkey and kick off. I actually got used to having cold meals. Now I have to share everything. Emily's weaning and she decided recently that whatever is on mummy's plate is much more intresting than anything she would usually have. I have to admit she has pinched a few chips, and the odd carrot.
What has changed for you since you become a parent? Feel free to leave the things that have changed for you in the comments, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Haha the one about poo made me giggle, it was such an interesting topic with jack when she was little! I totally agree it's made me more confident. I'm the voice for two people now so it must be heard :) xx

  2. Love this post; it's all so true everything really changes when you have a baby including your personality! Thank you so much for linking up to #MummyMonday hope to see you again tomorrow!xx


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