What's in Emily's Easter basket

I can't quite believe it's Easter, it's like I blinked and 2015 flew by! Anyway, this will be Emily's first Easter, and I am so excited for her. I know a few members of my family will be buying Emily Easter eggs. So I decided it would be best for her to have a Easter basket full of little bits and bobs, things that she can play with and enjoy.

Dress it up with George Review

When you have a little one, you launch straight into mummy mode, I wanted to be a mummy for so long, but I didn't anticipate just how little me time I get. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, but I feel like I have kind of lost who Steph is. My style seems to have vanished, I literally live in jeans and tops, with a mum bun. I've lost so much confidence in my body since having Emily, my body shape has changed, and gone are the days where I would just pick anything and wear it. I umm and err over clothes now, and wonder what they will look like on. I get self conscious, which then leads to me sticking to the same jeans and top. 

Easter shaky eggs

Easter is coming up, and we are very excited. As you know we are a big fan of arts and crafts in our household. So I decided to find a fun, but different activity that Emily would really enjoy. Shaky eggs are so simple, but very effective. Babies love nothing more than making noise, and exploring various different things. I used a couple of different ingredients, some rice, and some pasta. I think these are brilliant for Easter time, it is so hard to find Easter gifts for a baby, so these are going to be a brilliant addition to Emily's Easter basket.

Packing for a holiday

In our households we have become pretty good at packing with short notice, as you may remember when Emily was a baby, we would be moving around a lot. We didn't have a stable home until Emily was a month old, which was a struggle. We used to pile stacks and stacks of stuff into the boot of Sam's car. Which let me tell you when you have a pushchair in the boot to isn't a easy task. The backseats used to be covered in stuff too as they're was never enough room in the boot. Moving around and having to pack everything up was a pain in the bum, but it's also made it easier for me when we pack now. Also unlike before, I don't have to take a moses basket with me aswell. 

It will be our first holiday as a family, and I'm so excited but so nervous. I don't enjoy packing one bit! It makes me anxious and I am always worried that I am going to forget something! So I have decided to compile a little list of the bits and bobs that I intend take, and need to take, If I write a list I can't go wrong, right? 

source: www.bluestonewales.com

What Emily wore #7

This week has flew by, I'm kind of glad its over, Hubs is now on holiday for a whole 9 days, and we are off to Bluestones on Monday. So this weekend we are spending most of it packing. Emily's carpet got laid this week to, so when we return from Bluestones it looks like my not so little baby will be going in to her own bedroom. I am looking forward to getting the space back in our room, but I know I'm going to really miss having her right by my side. Something that I am sure every mum feels at first, right? 

Giddy bowl Review

When I saw the lovely Alex reviewing the Giddy bowl on my blog, I couldn't believe how amazing they looked. It's such a genius idea, no matter what position the bowl is in, the inner bowl will always be upright. That in turn means no mess, and no spillages! The Giddy bowl is a product by a company called Gr8 solution who design and make innovative, practical products for everyday life.  

When we were kindly offered to review the giddy bowl we jumped at the chance. Although Emily is only 6 months old, we do try and encourage her to use a bowl for her snacks. Although I know it is bound to end up on the floor I would like her to get used to using a bowl. The great thing about the Giddy bowl is it will grow with Emily. The inner bowl rotates keeping the food inside, so when Emily is flipping it about, I'm not to worried that the contents is going to go everywhere. Obviously this bowl will spill if it's dropped from a great height, or if it is thrown across the room (as I learned earlier - thanks Emily). 

Emilys 6 month update

Excuse me while I cry, my baby turned 6 months old! Happy half birthday babygirl!

You can follow us on Instagram to watch her grow.

Emily now weighs 16lb 12oz. My little chunky monkey!

Becoming a parent

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing things you will experience in your life. Sure there is the odd challenge, stressful moment, and tantrum along the way, but there is also the good things, the cuddles, kisses and unexpected moments that you never forget. There is a weird sense of achievement watching your child accomplish something new. In the big shift of things, there is also a few things that change, things that you never thought about or considered before you have a baby. 

What Emily wore #6

This weekend has gone by so fast, we spent the weekend as a family. it's always the weekends when you don't have nothing planned that go by really fast. We are currently on a holiday countdown, as we are off to bluestones on the 23rd, has anyone else been? We cant contain our excitement as it will be our first holiday as a family of three.

 I'm loving joining in with the weekend baby style linky. I usually forget to write posts about Emily's outfits but she has such a lovely wardrobe full of clothes, it would be a shame not to link up. Although it's becoming harder to snap pictures of Emily. She's rolling, and trying to crawl now. I'm pretty sure that it won't be long until she is on the move properly. This actually scares me slightly. My baby isn't so little anymore!

Happy half birthday!

Dear Emily, 
I really can't believe you are 6 months old today, Happy half birthday baby girl! 

How is it possible we have spent half a year together already?! How we have gotten to this age already is beyond me, it only seems like yesterday you were my tiny 6lb 13oz little baby in my arms, holding you for the first time and getting to know you. You really have grown up over the past 6 months, it doesn't feel right calling you my baby anymore. You have become your own little person. I've never known such a determined little girl, if you want that toy that is a little out of your reach, it isn't a problem as you will soon scoot there to get it. I'm so proud of the things you have accomplished already, and the milestones you have hit. Rolling over, sitting up by yourself, pulling yourself up into the sitting position, and every single new little thing you learn everyday amazes me. Emily you are like a little sponge. 

Mini portable soother steriliser review*

When the lovely people over at Milton offered to send us a mini portable soother steriliser to review, we jumped at the chance. Emily is one of those babies who throws everything, she will pull it out of her mouth when you're not looking and drop it. So it gets covered in all sorts of mess. So this seemed like a brilliant idea to me, you can make the solution and it lasts for 24 hours. When you pop the dummy into the little pod it only takes 15 minutes to sterilise. It also doesn't need rinsing once you take it out of the solution, you can give it straight to your little one, its completely safe and they're is no taste to it. 

What Emily wore #5

This weekend has been pretty busy, we had plans for today with friends which turned out to be lovely. We went for a look around Ikea, I found the final finishing bits for Emily's room which actually made me so happy! Just the little bits like the shelves and bits and bobs. We then went for such a lovely evening meal, I found this cute little restaurant in Milton Keynes, It's a old windmill converted into a restaurant. I brought Emily a ball pit with some playballs today, and she had such a good time! She really loved playing with the balls, although she learnt really quickly to chuck the balls out of the ball pit, little monkey! We had a dress down weekend this weekend. 

Leggings: F&F by Tesco | T-shirt: Next | Bib: Little sleepy sew and sew


Isn't it funny how friendship can spring out of nowhere. I have always loved blogging but I have never really been much of a sociable person. With my anxiety and PND I find it really hard to get to know someone who just gets me. Recently I started talking to Lorraine from babyypebbles, and she restored my faith in friendship again. I don't know what it was but we just clicked straight away. We have been non stop talking since last Friday, Lorraine lives doesn't live far from me which is really lucky. I feel like I have genuinely made a friend, and so has Emily. We met up on Monday and had such a great time, I have to say it is so refreshing to spend time with another mummy and actually feel comfortable enough to enjoy myself. It's also really nice for Emily, as I have previously said I don't have many friends who have babies who are a similar age to Emily. They are all a lot older, so watching her play with Penny was lovely. I'll share a few pictures with you..

Me & Mine February

This was our last minute picture, I'm not very good at remembering to take these, but it is something I really want to get into the habit of doing! More effort will definitely be made for March. Trying to get Sam to take a picture is hard work, trying to get Emily to stay still long enough for a picture is even harder. I do love how affectionate she is, looks like shes cuddling us.

Life, milestones & unmissable moments

Life flashes before your eyes so quickly. Sometimes I wonder if we ever take a step back to realize what and who matters. Today has been one of those days for me. Emily hit quite a big milestone this week, she sat up, unaided all by herself for the first time. I was so excited for her, and proud at the same time. Then it dawned on me, shes actually growing up so fast. Where did my squidgy little newborn go?! It literally only seems like yesterday that she was born, and I was meeting her for the first time. Now she's napping in her cot by herself. Sitting up, and just generally getting bigger.

I haven't decorated Emily's bedroom yet, In preparation for this, I had to box up all the little bits and bobs. One of these things being Emily's moses basket. A wave of emotions just hit me, My pregnancy felt like it went on and on. Now just as quick as the blink of a eye 5 months have passed. I really miss my little baby, but at the same time I love the little person she has turned into. She is such a happy baby, always smiling, babbling away to her lampshade, or toys. I'm so grateful that we've got this far. I had a random conversations with my friend yesterday, she's Emily's godmother, and she has a 1 year old. He's walking and climbing on everything in sight, she said to me 'bet you can't wait till Emily can walk'. The thing is I can wait. I don't want it too pass by any faster then it already is. I like this age group that she is in at the moment, the smiles, and giggles. I don't want to miss any part of her growing up. If anything I want to slow it down. 

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