Treasure basket

Have you heard about treasure baskets for babies? They're so easy to put together, by using household objects. Treasure baskets teach young babies how to, touch, taste, and feel different objects. It's a simple idea but one that works so well, It gets babies engaged, and boosts they're confidence in picking up various different objects and making decisions as to which ones they want to play with. Babies of all ages can appreciate the sensory play, but its important to keep them engaged as a baby will get bored quickly.

I put together just a few tips you may find helpful.
  • Placing the basket close to your baby is important, that way they can reach the object and move things around with ease. 
  • Make sure you keep the activity fresh, babies get bored really quickly, so it is important to move the items around, or even change them.
  • Whilst it is really a activity for them to carry out on they're own, make sure your close by if they need a bit of encouragement or so you can step in if they need a little more help. 
  • Timing is really important, you need to pick a time when they have a full tummy and they're most alert. (for example, Emily's usually the most awake at midday so that is the perfect time to carry out this activity with her).

Emily loved this activity, now that she has started to sit up there is so many more activities I can do with her. I put 9 items in a wicker basket for Emily to explore, I didn't want to include to many objects as it can be a little bit overwhelming for her age. I included, a wooden spoon, spaghetti spoon, duster, spoon, bowl, pasta (in a ziplock bag), cardboard from a toilet roll, tie, fluffy sock. Most of the items were from the kitchen but I added the duster, tie and fluffy sock just because they are different textures, and she absolutely loves fabrics.

Emily loved to hold onto the bag with pasta in and shake it.  I was quite surprised that she reacted as well to the activity as she did. I thought that she would loose interest fairly quickly, but she sat on the floor and explored the basket for a good 20 minutes. Emily really enjoyed picking up the spoon and banging it on the bowl which created a lot of giggles. I think with Emily's age group it is good to get the items out for her, just because every time she reached for the basket she wouldn't be able to get it out the basket without help. This led to her being quite frustrated. It is definitely a activity that I intend to carry on doing with her, the older she gets the amount of objects and variety of things will change. 

Have you ever made a treasure basket for your little one?

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  1. Thanks for linking up. I love your tips. I def need to try this activity with Sophie. X


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