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Hello lovelies! Today is my favourite day of the week, its Sunday! What is your favourite day of the week? This post is going to be a bit of a general chit chat, and catch up. I know that isn't really a normal occurrence on my blog, looking back most of my posts are usually depressed rambles, or posts on a topic. I never realised that I was doing this before. I mean it's not necessarily a bad thing, I'm a bit of a chatterbox, and I'm known to jump from one topic to another. So having a topic I want to talk about limited to one post each kind of works for me. However I just feel like a little ramble, after all I can ramble for England, So my better half tells me.

1| Our last photograph of January 2| Emily exploring her new book 3| Becoming attached to her new sophie, which she hasn't put down since she got it
4| Seeing the Snow for the first time 5| Exploring the snow outside 6| Emily and me

Sunday is my favourite day because we all know it's a lazy day, It's one of those days where you don't actually have to do anything. All week I'm rushing around doing one thing or another. Jumping from chores to keeping Emily happy, content and calm. Which let me tell you is more of a mission then I ever imagined. She is such a nosey baby, she is into everything. Now she is rolling, she is grabbing everything in sight. If she see's something she wants she will try everything to get it, it usually isn't long before she starts getting mardy because she can't reach. My home is a bit of a mess at the moment and I hate it, If you are a regular reader then you will know we moved into our home in October, Moving with a baby is not fun let me tell you that much! Moving with a newborn is even more stressful. I didn't see much point in Sam taking time off work to help me with the moving in and decorating. I'm quite particular and I like things a certain way, So I would much rather just do it myself. 

My living-room/lounge whatever you would like to call it is done and decorated. So is my bedroom. They're the two rooms that I wanted to be finished before I moved in, and they kind of were. When we first moved in we slept in the lounge on our bed while we got everything sorted. It took me two days to get the lounge and bedroom completely done. Just in time for the guys to come and lay our carpet. I then took to decorating as we were living here. Sam went to work, I got Emily off for a nap, then whipped out the paintbrushes and tried my hardest to get as much done as I could while she slept. Result I actually managed to get my hallway, Kitchen and Bathroom finished. The only room that remains is Emily's. There is a reason for this, the room was used as a junk room when we moved in, I have so much stuff in there that hasn't got a home yet. I finally managed to get her bedroom clear ready to be decorated, but this has presented another problem. I have no idea how I want to decorate it, or how I want it to be. I have picked the colours, I'm going to paint it a light pink and cream. Emily's bedroom is floral, and I have my heart set on that, I am just really not sure how i'm going to do it. I'm hoping once I start it then it'll fall into place like the other rooms I have decorated.

On Wednesday I posted this (Feelings & Emotions). I'm sadly going to say I'm really not feeling a whole lot better now than when I wrote that. The bloody boiler is still not fixed! It got a new circit board, and a new valve expansion. However now it needs a new pump. Which has really annoyed me because it's only had a new pump about a month ago, if that. If I am really honest I think that the boiler just needs scrapping, how many times are they going to keep replacing things? There is literally nothing left to replace anymore.

On a upside, Emily saw the snow for the first time this week! We also had a lovely day out with friends on Saturday for a 60th birthday which was nice. I'm trying to keep myself positive, although that seems to be becoming increasingly hard at the moment. How's everyone's week been?

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