Review Braun Thermoscan 7 with age precision*

When we were asked to review this thermometer I jumped at the chance, I have been browsing for a new one for a while. The thermometer we have at the moment is one of those ones you stick under the arm. It does give a good reading but blimey it was such a challenge to get Emily to stay still long enough to take her temperature. Then when Sam took the temperature he would always be pulling up the temperature guidelines for Emilys age on google, or shouting me for advise. You can imagine how this became annoying pretty quickly. 

I have to admit it came at the right time, Emily had her jabs last week, that combined with teething meant we had a little grouchy baby. With a slightly elevated temperature. Did you know that a definition of a high temperature changes depending on the age of the little one? Sam didn't, I'm making him out to be silly here, but as a first time daddy with no experience he was pretty baffled. Luckily I knew this because of my experience in nursery work. The brilliant thing about this thermometer is it does the work for you. You select the age range (0-3 months, 3-36 months, to adult) then once you take your child's temperature, you are able to interpret the reading quickly, and accurately based on the age using a simple colour coded display system.

Green reads a normal temperature
Yellow reads a elevated temperature
Red reads a high temperature

I loved the fact that the thermometer was really quick, you literally popped it gently into the bud of the ear, and it gives you a accurate reading in a matter of second. I was pretty anxious about taking Emily's temperature because she normal thrashes about and cry's. She really doesn't like having her temperature taken. However she wasn't fussed at all, IT was so quick that she didn't even notice what was going on. Which was a big relief for us. When the thermometer has finished taking the temperature, it beeps to let you know it's done. I found the colour coding system really helpful, Sam would take Emily's temperature and say 'It's fine it's green'. 

The other thing that I am loving about the thermometer is it comes with 40 disposible lens filters which easily clip on and off, which helps to avoid cross contamination. It is also supplied in a case for easy and convenient storage. It also has a night light feature. 

Braun get a massive thumbs up from us! Although the price is quite high for a thermometer, our last one was 49p from tesco. I think it is completely worth it to avoid the meltdowns, and confusion from my hubs. 

The Braun thermoscan 7 with age precision is avalible to buy at boots, It RRP is £49.99.
At the time of this review the thermomenter was on offer for £34.99.
Disclaimer: The thermoscan was kindly send to us free of charge, however all opinions are our own.

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