Me & Mine January

I've seen this linky around quite a lot when I first started my blog, but I never really joined in until now. With us seeing the new year in as a family of 3, I thought it would be lovely to keep track of that with a family photograph a month. I think photographs are really important, because in a blink of a eye your little baby is all grown up! I personally take hundreds of photographs anyway so what is one more?

Sorry about the terrible quality, its a iphone picture which was taken inside and it was incredibly dark! January has been such a good month, even though we are still recovering from Christmas and finding a home for all of Emily's toys! She got absolutely spoilt. As strange as it sounds, I still cannot believe I am a mummy!


  1. Lovely pictures, can't wait to see more each month :)

  2. Ahh, it will be really lovely for you to document you're first full year as a three. Such a lovely thing to have a look back on. Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x


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