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Emily's weaning is going really well, she seems to have come so far, no longer is she on the puree's she has now moved onto lumps. I didn't want her to get used to having smooth puree's all the time, because I thought it would make the transition to lumps even harder. Shes been having lumps for about a week now and she's been doing really good with it. We do still have the smooth fruit purees in the morning with her porridge. She seems to have developed her own little tastes, if you are a regular reader you will know that we had a stage where Emily would just eat banana flavour things, luckily this has passed and she is back to eating the majority of things. However we are having a little bit of difficulties with meat, she will happily eat vegetables and fruit, but if I gave her cottage pie for example, she just spits it everywhere and that's the end of it she refuses to eat anymore. 

Emily seems to favour two brands, one being Heinz baby, and the other is HiPP organic. When they offered to send Emily a selection of different stage foods we jumped at the chance. Emily has already been eating their jars, and little fruit pots. I wasn't aware that they did pouches too. To be really honest I try to keep away from the baby isle and send my partner, just because I tend to get a little carried away, I like to be stocked up so I would happily buy 2 of everything. I think that the pouches are really handy to have, and they're easy to just stick in your bag when your in a rush. Since Emily first tried them she has shown a particular love for them. The fact she wafts down half a pouch, a whole pouch if I let her speaks for itself. I think the fact the pouches are various different colours grabs her attention. Emily's favourite is Banana rice pudding, and banana yoghurt breakfast (which both come in jars). I think pre-made pouches and jars can be so convenient and if I'm really honest, probably offer more of a choice than what I would make myself at home. As the name states HiPP use the finest organic ingredients to make there products.

I'm quite relaxed when it comes to mealtimes and what Emily eats, I tend not to worry about what the age recommendation is on the packaging of different things. Obviously I don't give her something that I don't think she will handle, but I tend not to worry to much about lumps and such. We also try to stick to the same sort of things daily and the same times, this way she isn't to overwhelmed when is add some new foods for her to try.
Breakfast we have porridge with fruit. Emily has also started having toast.
Lunch we have a vegetable based thing, and a fruit pot. We have just started to introduce more finger foods.

Dinner Emily tends to have a pouch of something, just because of her age I don't think she's quite ready for what we have. I do sometimes hand make her purees.

Emily has really been enjoying the samples the HiPP kindly sent to us, the carrots, cauliflower and peas pouch went down really well, she ate it faster than she normally does. You can tell when she likes stuff because she says 'mmm' after every mouthful. This really didn't suprise me that she liked it as she loves cauliflower cheese bake. Her other favourite one was mango apple, and banana breakfast. I think we will definitely be purchasing more of the pouches, especially for when were out and about,  you don't really need a bowl or anything. You can just squeeze it straight onto a spoon.

We loved all of the HiPP organic baby food that we were sent, and we have continued to extend our range of products since. So far they have all gone down amazingly with Emily. It is definitely one of my favourite brands. 

Have you tried HiPP organic baby food? Do you have any favourites?  

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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  1. We use the hippo organic jars for Jacob as they seem be the ones he likes the best x


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