Emilys 5 month update

One more month and it will be Emily's half birthday! Can you believe it, it feels like yesterday we were bringing our squishy little newborn home! It's funny, 5 whole months and I still don't feel like a mummy, I'm wondering if it will sink in properly when I hear her call me mummy for the first time. who knows. Did anyone else feel this way?

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I last had Emily weighed at the beginning of January, she was 14lb 5oz. She's due to be weighed again soon but honestly we have no concerns with her weight, she eats so much!

We are still in size 3 nappies, and Emily's 3-6 clothes fit her properly now. Although she still wears some of her 0-3 leggings at the moment.

Emily can pull herself up when she is laying down, but she can only hold herself in the sitting position for about a minute then she tumbles forward. I don't think it will be long till she is sitting properly.

She has such strong legs, she will stand with you just holding her hands, and like a little pro she locks her legs so you can't sit her down.

Emily's weaning is going really well, she is now eating 3 meals a day, and has 3 6oz bottles, and 2oz in her porridge in the morning. She would much prefer food to her bottles though.

Emily's sleeping is getting much better, she is starting to sleep through for longer periods of time now. I approve of this! As I mentioned on a post before, we were co-sleeping. Emily has started going back into her cot, and is starting to settle herself a bit better. I do miss my cuddles with her though, but on the plus side it is nice to have a bit more space in bed!

Rolling is non stop, if you turn around for a second she's gone. She still hasnt manage to roll from back to front, she gets a bit stuck. She gets on her side then can't quite get any further than that.

She is grasping toys a lot more, she will hold them in between her hands, she can swap from one hand to another confidently too. She has such a look of concentration as she does it now. 

Emily has really found her voice now, she sits and talks away to anything or anyone. 

She has worked out how to work her jumperoo now, all the buttons and spinning things, she knows what they all do. We are considering to moving her to the number two part, just because she's bouncing so hard, and jumps so high.

She has found a love for In the night garden, I didn't really want her to get interested in television just yet, but it's the only program she likes. It's a nice addition to her routine watching it before bed. 

She knows her name now, if you call her she will look up and smile at you everytime.

She's discovered her feet and toes, as you can see from the picture above. She is constantly pulling her socks off, and pulling her toes. 

Emily is teething at the moment, she is a dribble monster, so we have been loving the dribble bibs! We are yet to find a brand that we absolutely love. Shes constantly got rosey cheeks and everything goes in her mouth. I can't see any coming through yet though.

She has discovered a love for touchy feely books, she pulls them around and gets tearful if you try to take them away from her.

My little lady is a blondie! All of her dark brown hair has fallen out, she literally had a whole head of hair when she was born, and now its come through blonde, So she looks bald because its so fare.

I can't believe how much she has changed this month!

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