Catching up

Did you miss me? I bet you didn't even realize that I was gone. I've missed blogging, but house stuff has just been madness. My home that I spent ages cleaning and making homely turned into a building site! I've had builders, plasters, Gas men, you name it and it's been going on. I know i've spoke about my boiler troubles before, but I have good news. I finally have a new boiler! Also as you may know Emily's room was left as a bit of a junk room. Well gone is the junk, and it's now all been painted! It looks so much better, lighter and more roomy. It's amazing how much a lick of paint can completely change a room. I thought i'd just show you some pictures of whats been going on this week, because we were stuck in all day today me and Emily ventured out to the park yesterday. 

 Here is a cheeky little snap so you can see what colours we picked for Emily's room. I intend to write a full post on her bedroom when I've finished it. I'm so glad we have finally got rid of the yellow and blue!!

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