What Emily wore #4

This weekend I've had a poorly baby, shes been snotty and winy all weekend. I feel so sorry for her, I hate seeing my baby poorly. Calpol and snufflebabe have become our two best friends! Despite that we have some gorgeous outfits for you! I'm loving Matalan right now, we popped in there the other day and picked up some bits in 6-9 months because it will soon be time for her to move up in size, I really want to be prepared this time! I'd really recommend you going and checking out there bits. I never think to look in there but they're stuff is really nice and so affordable. I got Emily some jeggins, which I have been looking for, I previously got her ones from Tesco and they were quite thin. Matalan ones are really thick, the material is so good! Anyway I'm going off topic...

Jumper: F&F by Tesco | Jeans: George by Asda

Baker days letterbox review*

I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to review a baker days letter box cake, and i jumped at the chance. There is nothing better than cake, and getting cake through your letter box, how cool is that? Baker days have a massive selection of cakes for various different occasions. Birthdays, new baby, wishing someone luck, a christening or even a cake just to say thank you. With mothers day coming up they have a selection of different designs, it was so hard to pick one because they are all so lovely. Sam picked the design for me from Emily, which was a lovely thought and it meant I didn't know what it looked like until it came through the door. All of the cakes can be personalized with a message or photograph.

Treasure basket

Have you heard about treasure baskets for babies? They're so easy to put together, by using household objects. Treasure baskets teach young babies how to, touch, taste, and feel different objects. It's a simple idea but one that works so well, It gets babies engaged, and boosts they're confidence in picking up various different objects and making decisions as to which ones they want to play with. Babies of all ages can appreciate the sensory play, but its important to keep them engaged as a baby will get bored quickly.


Emily has come on so far with weaning, as you know if you read her updates we started with purees. She has started to progress quite a lot, I tried her with toast recently and she absolutely loved it. She literally gums it until there is nothing left, because Emily was the one to show the initial interest in progressing more to BLW (baby led weaning). BLW wasn't something I really wanted to go for, I wouldn't make her whole diet baby led just because I feel like she wouldn't get all that she needs out of her diet. Especially since Emily will only have 3 bottles a day. For example for breakfast Emily will have porridge or weetabix, with fruit which is obvious spoon fed, but then she will have a little bit of toast with it. 

What Emily wore #3

Top & Leggings set: M&Co | Owl shoes: M&Co | Vest: Asda

Purple isn't usually a colour I put on Emily, there is no reason why, It's just most of her stuff is pink. This outfit was a gift from Emily's nanny. Isn't it gorgeous. 


Before Emily was born I was diagnosed with Antenatal depression. It effected my pregnancy a lot. Instead of becoming one of those mums who was excited to meet there baby, was out shopping at every chance they could. I became withdrawn, unhappy and really overwhelmed. There was this little person growing inside me, and it terrified me. I said some horrible things to my partner, how I didn't want the baby, I went on and on about how the baby would be better off without me. I was so scared that I would be a terrible mother, and that I wouldn't be able to cope. I must admit it was such a dark time for me, the problem with antenatal depression is that it's never really recognized by healthcare professionals, and I think that is mainly down to the fact most mums will not admit how they're feeling. Pregnancy has always been glamorized in my opinion, a time when you are glowing, and everything is so exciting. I was supposed to be getting ready for my new arrival, picking clothes, and decorating the nursery. However I just wasn't that person, I wasn't in a stable mind set to be excited about these things. I really tried to put on a smile, and act like I was excited. This made everything worse. I wanted a baby for so long, yet feeling this way hurt so much. Both me and Sam had a really tough time, we miscarried 3 times before finally being blessed with Emily. All those knock backs, and then when it did happen I didn't want it. That made me feel like such a horrible person. Sam was my rock through all of it, and although I said some horrible things, he made it ok. He understood when I didn't, and reassured me that just because I was feeling like I didn't want our baby, it was just because of all the stress, and depression. I felt this depression from the onset of my pregnancy, I hated pregnancy, and it makes me scared to do it all over again whenever that time may come. The one thing that scared me the most was the fact that it can in fact turn into post-natal depression. If it wasn't bad enough that I felt like this before my baby was born, I was constantly worrying about what I would feel like when my baby was here. I wanted to have a good relationship with my baby, which made me spiral more into my depression.

Catching up

Did you miss me? I bet you didn't even realize that I was gone. I've missed blogging, but house stuff has just been madness. My home that I spent ages cleaning and making homely turned into a building site! I've had builders, plasters, Gas men, you name it and it's been going on. I know i've spoke about my boiler troubles before, but I have good news. I finally have a new boiler! Also as you may know Emily's room was left as a bit of a junk room. Well gone is the junk, and it's now all been painted! It looks so much better, lighter and more roomy. It's amazing how much a lick of paint can completely change a room. I thought i'd just show you some pictures of whats been going on this week, because we were stuck in all day today me and Emily ventured out to the park yesterday. 

What Emily wore #2

I was going to link up with the weekend baby style linky, which is hosted by Hannah over at First time mummy. However I got distracted by my decorating, and I completely missed my window of opportunity to link up. I would still recommend you go and check out the linky! This is my a little late post, I figured I had already typed it up, and took the photographs, better late than never!

HiPP organic review

Emily's weaning is going really well, she seems to have come so far, no longer is she on the puree's she has now moved onto lumps. I didn't want her to get used to having smooth puree's all the time, because I thought it would make the transition to lumps even harder. Shes been having lumps for about a week now and she's been doing really good with it. We do still have the smooth fruit purees in the morning with her porridge. She seems to have developed her own little tastes, if you are a regular reader you will know that we had a stage where Emily would just eat banana flavour things, luckily this has passed and she is back to eating the majority of things. However we are having a little bit of difficulties with meat, she will happily eat vegetables and fruit, but if I gave her cottage pie for example, she just spits it everywhere and that's the end of it she refuses to eat anymore. 


Being a mother does come with it's good share of ups and downs. There is nothing I wanted more in life then to become a mother, I wanted Emily for so long. It's no secret, and I'm sure I have mentioned it before while we were trying for Emily we sadly miscarried, not once but twice. Which was painful, heartbreaking and upsetting. However it has given me a new appreciation for what I do have. When I was pregnant with Emily I fort to keep her. I was lucky enough to conceive naturally, but that didn't mean it was all plain sailing. we had a scan every other week to check that she was ok. I had bleeding most of the way through my pregnancy, which scared me. I felt like I was loosing my baby, which was something I was absolutely terrified of. I must of done my GP's head in, I was back and forth constantly. Then there was the morning sickness! Where do I start, everyday from when I got up in the morning, till I went to sleep that is if I managed to fall asleep, I was sick. It was none stop all of the time. Not to mention the SPD pain, honestly it cant even explain how much it hurt, when I walked, when I did day to day household chores. There was never any let up. If people ask me, which they frequently do - 'are you going to have another?' my response is a quick no. Don't get me wrong, I would love Emily to have a sibling, and who knows maybe in the future i may change my mind, but for now it's defiantly a no. I think everything that happened is still to fresh, to raw to think about. 

My Sunday photo

Today we reached a massive milestone, and at a pretty young age in my opinion. However that could just be me being bias because she's my daughter. Emily sat up for the first time today, by herself unassisted. Usually she topples forward, but now she's got it under control. I couldn't be more proud, and lucky enough we caught it all on camera! This was Emily reaching for my phone, such a little monkey!


Snow day!

Our plans from last week got a little disrupted. One by the snow that we had, and the other by the boiler. Which might I add has finally been fixed! This was the first bit of snow that Emily has ever seen. I think I was more excited then her, Everywhere else seemed to get snow way before us. I kept seeing all of these snow pictures and I was so envious, but it finally reached us and I couldn't of been happier. We got a light dusting to start with, I thought it would just melt and that would be the end of it. However when I woke up in the morning it was absolutely covered in snow. Granted it wasn't as much as other parts of the country got but it was enough for Emily to enjoy. Thankfully we got to enjoy it before it all melted. I'm thankful that I live in a flat with a balcony, because Emily sat on the balcony in her bumbo and got to feel the snow, and play with it. She loved watching it fall from the sky, but every time it touched her face she would shake it off and shiver. It was really cute. So I thought I would share some pictures with you that I will treasure forever. 

Emilys 5 month update

One more month and it will be Emily's half birthday! Can you believe it, it feels like yesterday we were bringing our squishy little newborn home! It's funny, 5 whole months and I still don't feel like a mummy, I'm wondering if it will sink in properly when I hear her call me mummy for the first time. who knows. Did anyone else feel this way?

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Review Braun Thermoscan 7 with age precision*

When we were asked to review this thermometer I jumped at the chance, I have been browsing for a new one for a while. The thermometer we have at the moment is one of those ones you stick under the arm. It does give a good reading but blimey it was such a challenge to get Emily to stay still long enough to take her temperature. Then when Sam took the temperature he would always be pulling up the temperature guidelines for Emilys age on google, or shouting me for advise. You can imagine how this became annoying pretty quickly. 

Me & Mine January

I've seen this linky around quite a lot when I first started my blog, but I never really joined in until now. With us seeing the new year in as a family of 3, I thought it would be lovely to keep track of that with a family photograph a month. I think photographs are really important, because in a blink of a eye your little baby is all grown up! I personally take hundreds of photographs anyway so what is one more?

Round up of the week!

Hello lovelies! Today is my favourite day of the week, its Sunday! What is your favourite day of the week? This post is going to be a bit of a general chit chat, and catch up. I know that isn't really a normal occurrence on my blog, looking back most of my posts are usually depressed rambles, or posts on a topic. I never realised that I was doing this before. I mean it's not necessarily a bad thing, I'm a bit of a chatterbox, and I'm known to jump from one topic to another. So having a topic I want to talk about limited to one post each kind of works for me. However I just feel like a little ramble, after all I can ramble for England, So my better half tells me.

1| Our last photograph of January 2| Emily exploring her new book 3| Becoming attached to her new sophie, which she hasn't put down since she got it
4| Seeing the Snow for the first time 5| Exploring the snow outside 6| Emily and me

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