Weaning journey

Emily has been doing so well with trying different foods. Last week I mentioned that she decided that she wasn't going to have anything else but banana's. I'm so happy to say we have passed that stage. We have started to introducing lumps into her food, and she has been doing really well with that. Although we are spoon feeding Emily rather then BLW we have started to introduce some finger foods. This week Emily has been loving the banana biscotti's, She has also tried some Organix snacks too. These have to age range of 7+ months, and I know Emily is only 4 months, but she has been so confident in food, and is constantly grabbing what is on my plate I figured that she is ready.  She has tried quite a few new flavours this week.

she always manages to look so grumpy.

This is what she's had:

Breakfast: Banana breakfast yogurt
Lunch: Mangoes
Tea: Carrots | Banana rice pudding

Breakfast: Apple and mango porridge with Apples
Lunch: Banana
Tea: Apple and strawberries | Banana rice pudding

Breakfast: Sunrise banana porridge with bananas
Lunch: Apples
Tea: Red pepper, tomato and parsnip | Banana cookie crumble

Breakfast: Apple and mango porridge with mangoes
Lunch: Mangoes
Tea: Carrots, Peas and pears | Chocolate and banana pudding

Breakfast: Apple and mango porridge with Apples
Lunch: Banana and apples
TeaRed pepper, tomato and parsnip | Banana cookie crumble

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