Tassimo Vivy review

I have always been a little bit addicted to fizzy drinks, and it is something I really want to change. I love hot drinks, but I really haven't got the patients to wait for the kettle, then make it, then wait for it too cool enough to drink. Especially when you have a clingy, crying, screaming baby who doesn't let you have 5 minutes peace. Then I saw the Tassimo machine. It's the first coffee machine I have seen that has tea pods! How amazing considering I'm not a massive coffee drinker, the fact it can do hot chocolate and tea really appealed to me. Another important factor for me was, I wanted a compact little coffee machine. I have a fair bit of work top space, but I absolutely hate having things on my work tops! I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to my kitchen.

I've had the Tassimo Vivy machine for a good couple of months now, and I'm absolutely addicted to it! The Vivy is the smallest Tassimo machine in the range. It's takes up next to no space at all. It sits next to my kettle. It's very user friendly and very simple to use. Make sure you have water in the filter compartment which is on the side of the Tassimo machine, Simply place the pod of your choice in, push closed and push the button. The machine heats up in seconds and makes your drink at the perfect temperature! Which makes it so easy when you have a screaming child, you can literally have your drink in seconds. It has been my life saver when Emily was keeping me up at night, I would make a brew as I warmed her bottle, and they were both ready at the same time. What more could a girl ask for! You can also position the drip tray at two different heights which accommodates your various different size mugs and glasses. I tend to leave it on the bottom because it's the perfect size for my favourite mug. 

There is so many different brands to choose from, and lots of different flavours. My favourite is the Cadbury hot chocolate. Sams is the Oreo hot chocolate. Some of our favourites also include Twinings English breakfast, and Costa caramel latte. The pods are quiet reasonable in price in my opinion, and they provide a great little treat. My Family have been coming over just for a latte, my dad has got so addicted that he went out and purchased his own Tassimo machine. The Vivy has been great for everyday use, and we recently took it apart to clean it. Which turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought!

I would definitely recommend buying the Tassimo Vivy if it is something you've been looking at recently. I couldn't be without ours now that we have it. It is currently on offer for £39 in Currys. Such a bargain! Have you got a Tassimo, if so what's your favourite drink?

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