4 month update

Today Emily turned 4 months, where has my baby gone? It has gone so fast. 

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I haven't actually got Emily weighed since the last update. She is due to be weighed on the 7th, so I will let you know. I'm pretty sure she is gaining weight. She has also gone into size 3 nappies.

When laying down Emily can now pull herself majority of the way up. She falls down after a couple of minutes of holding herself there. She is nearly there but not quite stable enough to hold it completely. 

Emily started weaning this month, There is a full post coming up about that. So far she is loving it!

Routine is back in our life thank godness! We had a bit of a break in our routine due to the fact that Emily came down poorly, and she decided sleep was for the weak! Two weeks later I'm so glad to say that we've got back to normality! Emily has her last bottle at about 11:30pm she sleeps right through until 8am. Then has her first bottle and then breakfast at 10:30am. She is so much more happier now that she is weaning. 

Emily is still in 0-3 months, I'm hoping we will soon be switching out to 3-6 months because she does have some gorgeous clothes.

Emily perfected her back to front roll. She is so close to rolling from front to back, she twists onto her side and then gets frustrated that she can't quite get all the way over.

Emily's pincer grip is coming along nicely, she loves playing with the buttons while in her jumperoo, she also reaches out for things, and can hold them. She has such a tight grip too.

Emily is also finding her voice, she is screetching and screaming and constantly seems happy about it. She gets quite high pitched too.

She loves her jumperoo, before she used to just sit in and do nothing, but now she has worked out how to work it properly. She jumps up and down, and can even start the music herself!

Emily is not keen on tummy time, she much prefers to sit up and look around, when laying down she gets pretty frustrated.

I'm so proud of how far she has come already!

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