3 month update

When your pregnant, god time seems to slow right down. However as soon as you have that goregeous little baby in your arms, you want things to slow down, in a blink of a eye they're sitting, smiling and giggling. 

If you follow us on Instagram, you can watch Emily grow.

Emily now weighs 12lb 10oz.

This week we had a gorgeous photo shoot with Emily, the photographer took some lovely Christmas pictures of Emily. I will post some of them when I get them back.

Emily is now smiling and giggling. She also has very good head control, she can hold herself up, and if shes laying down, she can pull herself up half way to a sitting position. She's also getting very frustrated that she cant quite pull herself all the way up without help. 

She has perfected her army crawl, so tummy time fast becomes catching her, or moving her away from walls. More importantly stopping her pulling down the Christmas tree, When the lights are on, nothing stops her. 

Emily got diagnosed with reflux about a week ago, we have had a absolutely terrible time with it. She has always been a quite sicky baby, but at her 6 week check, I mentioned it to them, that I thought it may be reflux. I can hear her tummy churning after she has had a feed. She also becomes grumpy, clingy and screams in pain. I mentioned it to the health visitor, with no luck or support. She just told me to persist with her feeds, but give her little but often. The gp prescribed Gaviscon, Which she has been on for about a week, but it doesn't seem to be helping. We're going to persist for a few more days, and see how it goes. It's safe to say Emily's constant screaming has been heartbreaking, I really wish I could take it away. Its emotionally draining, I'm just hoping we find something that works soon. The one thing that has really annoyed me more then anything else, is the fact that my GP tried to blame Emily's reflux on the fact I bottle feed. I know there are many babies who are breastfed who suffer with reflux too.

Emily is still in 0-3 months, she is quite a long baby but she still has plenty of room in her sleep suits at the moment. 

Sleeping is becoming quite difficult recently. Emily's sleep pattern has been solid since she was 6 weeks old. She was going from 12.30 till 7am. She is now sleeping 11.30 to 8am. However with her reflux playing up and the fact shes really clingy, I'm lucky if she sleeps for 3 hours. 

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