2 month update

Emily is 8 weeks old today, a whole 2 months! Doesn't time fly. Here's a little picture of my little beauty. It's taken a lot for me to post this of her.

If you follow us on Instagram you can watch Emily grow.

She weighs just over 9lb 6oz. I can't believe that people actually push out babies that big. Ouchie! Sam's cousin had her baby 2 weeks before I had Emily, completely natural birth, and she weighed a whooping 9lb 11oz. I have to hand it to her, I wouldn't have been able to do that!

This week I had to pack away all of her First size, and newborn clothes because she has grown out of them, she is now in up to 1 month, 0-3 is still a little bit too big but she is slowly getting there. 

I know everyone say's there babies are advanced, but I genuinely cannot get over how far she has come. She's smiling, she can also roll over although she gets frustrated that she has gone from her back to her tummy and can't get back. Also if you lay her on her belly she does this cute little army crawl and pushes herself along the floor. Especially if she can see something laying on the floor that she wants! 

Emily is such a good sleeper, I cannot get over how good she has been. She will have a bottle at 12.30, and then sleep all the way to 7am. Such a proud mummy!

This week Emily has been suffering a little with her teeth, Everything seems to go in her mouth, and she gets so upset and frustrated. I really do feel sorry for her.

Emily also got baptized this week, On Sunday 2nd Novemeber, she was such a good girl throughout the whole service, she actually slept through the whole thing. We had a lovely celebration after. I'm in the process of writing up a post about it.

I still sit and look at her, with no idea how I managed to create someone so beautiful and perfect. 


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