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Well it is official, the holidays are coming, Christmas is well on the way. The shops are bursting with gift wrap, and cards. Not to mention all that yummy chocolate that we will be complaining about in January. The big brands are bringing out there magical Christmas adds and It's officially Christmas now the Coca-Cola advert has graced our televisions. This Christmas is going to be even more magical for us, it's our first Christmas as a family of 3. Even though Emily will only be just over 3 months old, I want it to be special. After all you only have one first Christmas. There is always going to be pictures for her to look back on when she is older. 

I've been fighting with myself as to whether I purchase gifts for Emily, Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely want to, and there is plenty of things I would love to buy her, but is it worth it? Let me explain myself before you bite my head off and brand me a evil mummy. Emily's still going to be really small, she isn't going to understand much, I know she will love the Christmas tree lights, and the amount of attention she will get, but she is the first grandchild, and the first great-grandchild on both sides. As you can imagine that means she is a very loved and spoilt little girl. She has already been brought so many lovely, thoughtful gifts. There isn't actually anything she needs right now. She has stacks and stacks of clothes from 0-3, 3-6 and even 6-9 months.

I've already been asked, what can I get her, can I buy her this, or this. She already has 4 'my first Christmas baubles' for the tree and it is only November! I mean who needs 4 baubles, granted they are all different but you understand where i'm coming from right? My baby is going to be swamped with gifts, and that is lovely and we are very very grateful, but I just don't want it to be too much for her. This being said, I have brought her a few little items, But I'm not to sure if you would class these as presents, because I don't intend on wrapping them. Anyway here is what I've purchased..

These are all little things that I have brought Emily for Christmas day, I spotted these in mothercare, and I knew they would be leaving with me. This Mrs Santa dress up is for her to wear on Christmas day, along with the hat and bibs. Therefore in my mind it doesn't seem to qualify as a Christmas present. If you're like me, and a absolute sucker for all things Christmassy I would stear clear of mothercare. They're Christmas range is amazing! 

Next is the other shop I just can't resist. I love their baby clothes. I brought these for Emily over the weekend, They're not for Christmas, but I plan on her wearing them in the run up to Christmas, She looks so adorable in a dress and when I saw these I couldn't resist. The red and white just reminds me of Christmas and autumn. I had a little tartan dress very similar to this one when I was small, So I had to purchase it, and the little cardigan will go with both the red and tartan dress.

I love all things tommee tippee. Everything Emily has is tommee tippee, There a reallly good trustworthy brand, who have built up there name in the baby market. I love there bottles, Emily has the colour my world bottles in purple, pink and green. She also has the pink ones with little flowers, So when I saw this little Christmas inspired gift set, I wanted it for her. I think it is such a practical present that other people wouldn't think to buy her, but it is one she really will make use out of. It's safe to say she will be using these in the run up too Christmas! It doesn't make sence to wrap them and keep them for Christmas, because once Christmas has been and gone, people are going to look at me like I'm daft! The gift set is available in both pink and blue by the way!
I also picked up this little door sign, which is already hanging pride of place on our bedroom door! It was so cute I had to purchase it, but at the same time, it's a gift for Emily but it's not at the same time.

What's your opinion on buying gifts for babies?


  1. Love the new blog name ! It's nice to see you blogging again. I have a comp to win one them tommee tippee gift sets going live this week too. Xx

    1. Thank you, :) it's good to be blogging again if I'm honest. Aint they absolutely gorgeous? I love all things tommee tippee! x


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